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Thread: Ring worm

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    Default Ring worm

    I took my dog to the vet and he has ringworm. He gave me a spray to put on it once a day. Also, a shampoo to use twice a week. Does anyone have experience with ringworm how long does it take for the dog to get better. I am supposed to take him to the trainer this week?

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    How large an area does it show up in?
    You might want to postpone the trainer - he/she will not welcome a dog with ringworm - if it actually that - until it is clear.
    IF it is ringworm, it is contagious. Could it be mange?????
    I had a dog diagnosed with ringworm - vet clinic in a panic- young vet showed me the light -I was convicned it wasnt. I treated it with teatree oil in a base of olive oil and it was gone with in 10 days to 2 weeks. I dont see the point of expensive drugs OTC or prescription if there are other means of clearing up mange,ringworm or hotspots.
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    By all means, don't send the dog to a trainer until this is cleared up.

    There are various fungus infections called "ringworm" - some are very hard to clear up. Several years ago we had a big battle with an animal-born one. (I suppose the dog rolled on somethng dead???) My wife and I each got it from trying to take care of the dog. (We were taking precautions and ours cleared easily with VERY expensive medicine.) The dog was VERY miserable for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TXGunner View Post
    I took my dog to the vet and he has ringworm. He gave me a spray to put on it once a day. Also, a shampoo to use twice a week. Does anyone have experience with ringworm how long does it take for the dog to get better. I am supposed to take him to the trainer this week?
    You could get ring worm too!! When my wife picked up this cute little cat and brought it home it gave this gift to my 2 labs at that time, then I recieved it, I treated it with good old fashioned Clorox, burns pretty good but was gone in a week! Also if the dog is a house dog spray the carpet lightly with a 50-50 solution of clorox and water. It will kill any fungus that is left behind!!

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    I would also vote against taking him to the trainer's.... in fact I would recommend keeping him out of public altogether until it is cleared up. Ringworm is really contagious. Be careful when you are treating him - I caught ringworm from some horses whose owners assured me it was a strain that humans couldn't get (duh - should have looked into it a little more as there is no such strain).

    Follow the directions on the medication and try to keep the dog clean and DRY... getting the area wet will tend to get the fungus growing again.

    Good luck!
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    well this might sound ...... odd......... We adopted a cat from a shelter. Went back to get her spayed(included in adoption fee). vet said she has ringworm. Go to wal-mart and buy (forgot the name) it trwats yeast infections in women. it has the same active ingredients .2% myiothecizanal(sp?)
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    We, too, had a terrible case of ringworm last fall after I brought home a tiny stray kitten. Husband was very angry with me because this was the second rescue of mine that gave him something...I rescued a cute pit mix with mange a few years ago...Our household ended up on the oral anti-fungals because it spread so fast on all of us--two dogs and two humans. Our vet said she had seen more nasty cases of ringworm in the last year or two that didn't respond to the topical meds. If you only have one spot the topicals might be fine, but we all had many spots. I have a scar on my arm a year later from one spot and the pit mix has one spot on her chin where the hair never grew back. The lab, husband, and kitten are all scar free.

    It spreads VERY quickly! Don't expose your dog to other animals, please. If the dog is on oral meds, it will not be contagious after about two weeks, but if you are doing the topicals, it is harder to tell.

    Good luck! Hope the healing is quick!

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    Use Iodine on the ring worm. It will be gone in 3 days. I have contracted ring worm from a retriever brought into training with one on it. Of course the owners did not know it had it. It was cleared up in no time. This was my moms old cure and it still works today.


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    My lab had ringworm and constant bathing in Melasab, betadine, and smearing with female yeast infection cream got rid of it in 4 or 5 weeks. Keep the bedding clean and dry. Vacuum up dander and fur. Stay on it and it will go away.

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