Just in case there was any doubt <<GDG>> peta
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Thread: Just in case there was any doubt <<GDG>> peta

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    Default Just in case there was any doubt <<GDG>> peta

    That the dumb azzes at peta are out of their freaking minds……


    However, if this were to come about I might go into the dairy business….
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    I just wonder how much of this is a hoax. It's hard to believe that people are really that stupid--wait, no it isn't.
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    Do they(PETA) realize how selective breeding has helped these dairy cows produce quantities and qualities of milk so far beyond what nature has done? Do they want that for humans?

    They are animals, peta! They are not our equal! They are under our dominion, for us to manage and for OUR purposes! That is the way God intended!

    The "people" at PETA think that they are just animals, too. So, since they are animals maybe we need to "manage" them? What kind of corrals do we use for them, not to mention culling procedures? (tongue firmly implanted in cheek)


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    "We applaud PETA's novel approach to bringing attention to an issue, but we believe a mother's milk is best used for her child," spokesman Sean Greenwood said in an e-mail.

    GEESH!! I wish Ben & Jerry's would not try to be so PC! The PETA ideas are crazy! Just say so!!


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    Right now I'm imagining a 100 or so women lined up in a barn leaning over some type of railing with the milkers attached to their utters. LOL

    Now this next statement came from my receptionist who is laughing hysterically about this.

    "I bet they would have a serious outbreak of Mad Cow disease if that ever came about!"

    I about lost it completely after that statement.

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    If you look at my screen name you can see what I think of PETA. All my in laws are dairy farmers hard working wonderful people. One of my wives sisters and her husband have a very large dairy operation they are always arguing about the the use of growth hormones used to increase the milk production I believe this has caused our populations rapid height increases over the last few years and I think milking cows three times a day is probably cruel PETA is a over the top organization of fanatics but a large percentage of farming is becoming so large it is border line cruel. We train our dogs sometimes using harsh methods but I don't think we would subject them to some of the practices being used in dairy and hog operations today. The brother and sister in law that I was referencing also had to introduce a different breed of cow too their dairy herd because their holsteins are so inbred they were being born with many birth defects some with out stomachs for example. I hope this type of selective breeding doesn't become a problem for us dog people. EK

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