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Thread: Stock Market Gurus part 2 GDG

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    Default Stock Market Gurus part 2 GDG

    I had a sense of foreboding a couple weeks ago when Bank of Amerca was buying other banks. Recently I saw a Ron Paul comment on the value of the dollar value in 1934 $20.00 an ounce of gold today it takes almost $1000 an ounce. 4 parts
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    As an interesting little side note, if anyone had bought Freddie Mac last week when I remarked in the previous thread that it was at .25, they could have pocketed 12X their money when it was $2.98. Today, it ended at about 1.75. I'm not suggesting that anyone buy it in any shape, way or form, because I know nothing about it. It is just kinda amazing that a stock that is worthless can return 12X your money if the timing is right.

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