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Thread: Wheres Delta Air Cargo - DFW

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    Default Wheres Delta Air Cargo - DFW

    Well I have tried several times to go thu the 1-800 number and keep getting disconnected. I have directions to DFW (only been there once) but not driving so didn't pay attention.

    I have to be at the Delta air cargo at 5 a.m. tomorrow. Sending my sister's GSP to Milan Italy..she move over last month for a three year assignment at Aviano but wasn't able to take her dog at that time.

    Where's the Delta Air Cargo at DFW?? Is it easy to find? I don't want to be driving circles and lost at DFW airport at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

    Will still keep trying the 1-800 number..but hopefully, I can get some better directions here than from the Delta agents in Atlanta.
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    Check your PM

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    I'm just googling this. The air cargo probably isn't there today- 972-453-3431 is listed.
    2417 N Support Rd. My guess is there should be a sign to the air cargo. It looks like a bunch are on Support Rd.
    Nancy P

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