Bonaid--Mouse Magic, Mole Magic?
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Thread: Bonaid--Mouse Magic, Mole Magic?

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    Default Bonaid--Mouse Magic, Mole Magic?

    Anyone tried Bonide (not Bonaid) Mouse Magic--does it work? It is a peppermint or wintergreen packet with fragrance that is irritating to mice. Place packets in rooms, around equipment, boats, RVs, trailers, etc. and mice won't go there. Am interested for lake cabin.

    Mole Magic--also by Bonide to rid yard of grubs/moles?
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    I use moth balls in the cabinets of my kennel building. I didn't have any in my waders or lay-out blind this summer and got holes chewed in both... It works, BUT it takes a LONG time for that smell to air out. I doubt that you'd want much of it in a cabin.

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