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Thread: Ticks, I hate them...

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    Default Ticks, I hate them...

    At 430, Tuesday morning, I was awoken by my young Lab seizuring her brain out in her crate. I got her to the emergency clinic, where it took massive amounts on Phenobarbital to get them under control. We let her slowly wake up from the Phenobarb at the regular vets. However, she started having problems while she was coming out of it. We got in touch with a veterinary neurologist (thank God he is a work-a-holic) late Tuesday evening and got her started on IV Doxycycline and Clindamycin.

    Wednesday morning she woke up, started circling uncontrollably and would then stand in a corner and head press. At that point, I was minutes away from putting her down she looked so bad. However, I got her up to the neurologist where she actually roused enough to look at me and wag her tail. He did a spinal tap. The fluid had a lot of white blood cells in it, indicative of an infection/inflammation. His top rule out at this point was a tick borne disease due to her age and response to the Doxy. Titer were sent out for distemper (negative) and for tick diseases and protozoal diseases (they are still pending).

    I just got her home this afternoon. She walks like a drunken sailor on shore leave, but compared to what could have happened I am pretty darn happy with that. The neurologist believes she'll recover 100%.

    My take home lesson for this is: Napalm all the ticks....

    Actually, the real lesson in this is that not all seizures are hereditary. And it is worth it to do as much as you can to diagnose the cause of your dog's seizure.


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    Possible diagnosis - steroid responsive meningitis arteritis. My Golden was 1 yr old when diagnosed with this 2 months after being treated for Lyme disease. He did not seizure, but he had SEVERE neck pain and fever. CSF tap showed sheets and sheets of WBC. Treated with prednisone for 6 months. Prednisone completely wiped him out and it took me 6 months after that to get him to where we could begin training, but at least he lived through it. He still doesn't tolerate very warm weather, but otherwise he is fine. He is the avatar picture and by his titles below, you can see he does quite well (Adirondac Bustd at the Bordr) at 5 years of age.

    I hope your dog recovers as well and you have a long and happy life with him.
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