straw allergies?
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Thread: straw allergies?

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    Question straw allergies?

    Just got back from the vet. 2 weekends back was NY states Northern zone waterfowl opener. Spent 4 days in the swamps and in the upland fields. Last weekend duck season opened in my zone and we hunted Saturday morning for a few hours. My boy started to favor his right eye after the upstate pheasant hunt / been keeping an eye on it since but it seemed to spread to his other eye so off to the vet we go. Looks like what started out an irritation turned into an infection and is now in both eyes. He also has a rash on his belly which got me to thinking. Could my boy be allergic to straw? Could that kind of allergy affect his skin as well as his eyes? It's the only new thing that he has been exposed to. Has anyone had a problem with their dogs being allergic to straw. If so, what do you use in there kennel crate. I guess you could use an old blanket or towel but with a wet dog that doesn't seem like a great option.


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    Never had straw problems, but when we got our 1st lab, one of her litter mates had problems with cedar chips. We used to use cedar chips but that's a pain to clean up, and one of my dogs eats the chips.

    I can't use towels or blankets because again, the eat them and I don't want to deal with a blockage.
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