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Thread: Spreading the wealth around GDG

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    Default Spreading the wealth around GDG

    If you needed any more proof of the way Obama views the economy the statement made to Joe the plumber, who makes just over 250K and is trying to buy the company that he works for, after he asked the question "you're going to raise my taxes aren't you" should be all the proof you need that this guy leans socialistic. The answer he gave, in case you missed it, was " I'm not trying to penalize you, I feel it's better if we spread the wealth around".
    BTW, Joe was less than impressed with the answer.
    Bad business practices aside, I don't know how you grow an economy by punishing the achievers.
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    "The longer you let a dog go in the wrong direction the more they think they are going in the right direction" Don Remien.

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    Obama is ignorant of what small business has to do just to survive but we need to get ready for him because the country is about to vote out the Republicans. There are plenty of reasons not to vote for him..ACORN's criminal activities being just the latest but I'm preparing myself for the unholy trinity, Obama-Pelosi-Reid. They'll burn what's left of our tattered Constitution and it will be every man for himself.


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    I did see Joe the plumber ask Obama about what Obama if elected how the policy's would affect Joe and I was watching Fox Network News when they reached the plumber by phone. Joe was discouraged since Joe makes more than 250K and that is part of the wealth Obama wants to spread around.
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    With his tax policies( you don't raise taxes with a recession or depression looming)and his protectionist tariffs he will make people forget all about Herbert Hoover. The Hawley Smoot tarrifs helped drive the USA into the Great Depression.

    Will any small businessman go for the tax credit of $3K to create a new job and hire someone new? With business slowing down why would anyone hire a new employee for >$20K to get a $3k tax break
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