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Thread: To Dog Owners Who Support Obama

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    Default To Dog Owners Who Support Obama

    To Dog Owners Who Support Obama

    Is Your Freedom To Own Dogs The Most Important Issue?


    American Sporting Dog Alliance


    The 2008 presidential election has become emotionally charged for dog
    owners, resulting in a virtual brick wall that divides supporters of
    Democrat Barack Obama from those of Republican John McCain. The two
    candidates present a stark contrast in both style and substance.

    As the campaign draws to a close, neither side seems willing to listen to
    the other.

    We are asking Obama supporters to hear us out, but want to be up front from
    the beginning. The American Sporting Dog Alliance is opposed to Obama's
    candidacy because of his close relationship with the Humane Society of the
    United States and his political alliances with several key animal rights
    movement supporters in Congress. We also think he has been dishonest about
    his views regarding hunting and firearms, and these are issues of major
    importance to many of our members.

    The American Sporting Dog Alliance sees this election as a watershed for
    animal owners. We think that its outcome will determine the future of the
    private ownership of animals in America.

    We are convinced that animal ownership is doomed if Obama becomes our next

    Some people may ask if this is really important in comparison with the
    candidates' views on foreign policy, the economy and social issues. The
    truth is that animal issues have played no role in this election for
    mainstream voters, because the news media, political pundits and politicians
    have not identified them as important.

    But they are important to us.

    We also believe that these issues should be important to everyone, because
    the way Obama would implement the animal rights agenda is a perfect
    microcosm of his views on the future of America. Those views accurately
    predict Obama's approach to foreign policy, the economy and social issues.

    Throughout American history, animal ownership has been regarded as a
    personal choice. Each individual has had the freedom to own animals or not,
    to eat them or not, to enjoy them or not, and to hunt or not to hunt.

    It has been freedom based on the idea of "live and let live." You do your
    thing, and I'll do mine.

    The principle was to create a society that is based on the maximum possible
    amount of freedom for each American to live the way that he or she chooses.

    America was founded on the simple yet radical principle that the purpose of
    human life was to be happy. The Declaration of Independence used the words
    "pursuit of happiness" as a vital aspect of freedom. What makes a person
    happy was seen as each person's private choice. Government was seen to exist
    only as a way to ensure the greatest opportunity to make and pursue personal

    "Happiness" was not mentioned specifically in the Constitution or Bill of
    Rights, because it was seen as a given. Those documents attempted to create
    a government that provided the greatest possible opportunity to pursue
    choices in one's life, and to protect Americans from both foreign and
    domestic threats to our freedom to make personal choices and live our lives

    All of the complex protections of due process, voting rights, civil rights,
    checks and balances on political power, and redress to the courts boil down
    to exactly that: Protecting our freedom to make and live by personal

    Our relationship with animals is one of the choices each of us has had the
    freedom to make and live by. It was part of our American identity, and still
    is for most of us.

    It was all about the freedom of the individual.

    In the Twentieth Century, however, a new philosophy swept over much of the
    planet: Collectivism. It boils down to a belief that "social good" is more
    important than the individual. It defines benefit to society as a higher
    value than benefit to the individual.

    It was a philosophy of sacrifice, maintaining that each person should be
    willing to sacrifice him or herself to "the greater good," which was defined
    by the collective. In real life, the collective usually translates into
    government and those who have the power to influence it.

    This philosophy was at the heart of Marxist/Leninist thought, and it also
    was the underpinning of Nazi ideology. In both cases, the collective - that
    is, government - became the sole arbiter of how people must live. Government
    existed under the pretext that its job was to define and promote the common
    good. This was seen as the highest value - not freedom!

    Collectivism actually is a very old idea that reached its greatest influence
    during the Medieval Period of European history, when the concept of
    individual freedom was viewed as heretical. During the Dark Ages, the
    purpose of human life was to serve and glorify the monarchy and the church.
    A belief in basic human rights and individualism often led to being burned
    at the stake.

    In light of this historical background, the American emphasis on personal
    freedom was truly revolutionary. It's core belief is that the job of
    government is to protect freedom so that people could live the way they
    choose. Many people mistakenly believe that this was meant only to protect
    people from religious and political oppression.

    In fact, it was meant to protect the individual from any kind of oppression
    that threatens the individual pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. The
    right to own and enjoy property was a major issue for the founding fathers,
    as this is basic to the freedom to pursue happiness.

    Obama represents the modern reincarnation of collectivist thought, and his
    views and alliances on animal rights issues illustrate this clearly.

    The endorsement of Obama's candidacy by the radical Humane Society of the
    United States should send up a hailstorm of red flags for anyone who values
    individual freedom. The HSUS ideology embraces collectivism in its purest

    Without exception, every political position advocated by HSUS boils down to
    a belief that individuals have an obligation to society to sacrifice
    individual freedom in order to achieve the "common good" - as defined by
    HSUS. Every HSUS position tells animal owners that they must sacrifice their
    own freedom in order to pay for the sins of a few people who treat animals

    For example, everyone knows that there are a few bad "puppy mills" in
    America that should not be allowed to exist. All of us would agree with that
    statement, including owners of commercial breeding kennels.

    But HSUS argues that these few bad kennels make every breeder of dogs
    suspect, and that this requires "Big Brother" to look over his or her
    shoulder in order to protect dogs from exploitation. It is like saying that
    we shouldn't enjoy our supper because people are starving in Ethiopia, or
    that all parents should be licensed and inspected because a few of them
    abuse their children.

    The fallacy of this argument is easy to see. All of its premises are utterly

    It assumes that government is somehow morally superior to individuals, and
    that government can be trusted more than people. Read any history book for
    an hour and the flaws of this argument become apparent. Throughout history,
    government has been the greatest oppressor of people, animals and the Earth
    itself - by far! I doubt if Al Capone harmed as many people as the average
    corrupt restaurant inspector in Chicago.


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    It assumes that the answer to bad government is more government. HSUS and
    Obama believe that current laws are not being enforced. Their answer is to
    create new laws, which is a laughable example of intellectual absurdity. The
    answer to bad government is to make it work better, not to create new laws
    and bureaucracies whose only purpose is to burden and oppress good people.

    It assumes that exploitation of animals is the norm, rather than the rare
    exception. Anyone who raises dogs knows that this is absurd. The lives of
    dogs have never been better at any time in human history. They are beloved
    members of millions of American families, most breeders dedicate their
    entire lives to their animals, and thousands of dedicated rescue people save
    the lives of millions of dogs that are doomed to suffering and death in
    government-run animal shelters.

    Would you want the fate of your dog to rest in the hands of any
    government-run animal shelter in America?

    And yet, HSUS and Obama see government as the answer.

    Obama's well-documented belief that government is the answer to America's
    problems is at the heart of our objection to his candidacy.

    For example, every improvement in the lives of dogs in America is solely
    because individual people have made personal and ethical choices that
    benefit their animals.

    No improvement of any kind can be attributed to the actions of government.

    Each political victory by HSUS and its allies in government has resulted in
    terrible suffering for animals. For example, the HSUS-backed ban on domestic
    horse slaughter has led to tens of thousands of horses being trucked to
    Mexico, where they are slaughtered under the most inhumane conditions
    imaginable. Every mandatory spay/neuter ordinance has led to the terrible
    deaths of thousands of abandoned pets at the hands of government-run animal
    control programs.

    Compassion for animals is one of the highest human virtues. It happens only
    through the dedication of individuals. Compassion and government are
    mutually exclusive concepts.

    The HSUS endorsement of Obama is but the tip of the iceberg.

    Consider that his primary political mentor, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois,
    has been the major proponent of anti-dog-owner animal rights legislation in
    Congress. Durbin is the sponsor of the current "PUPS" legislation that would
    extend the heavy arm of federal bureaucracy into most kennels in America,
    and also was the author of the failed amendment to the Pet Animal Welfare
    Act that was attached to the 2008 Farm Bill.

    Obama's main allies in Congress read like a "Who's Who" of radical animal
    rights activism: defeated Sen. Rick Santorum (author of the failed PAWS
    legislation three years ago), Sen. Diane Feinstein, Rep. Dennis Kucinich,
    Sen. Ted Kennedy and several others. Obama's running mate, Sen. Joe Biden,
    consistently gets 100% HSUS ratings.

    The Obama ticket is an animal rights dream team.

    Please remember, too, that political endorsements and support come with a
    price tag. We believe that price tag includes:

    * Support for federal animal rights legislation to restrict dog
    ownership and virtually eliminate the breeding of companion animals. A
    federal spay/neuter mandate is likely, as are prohibitions about using dogs
    for hunting, herding or in competitive events. These are all parts of the
    HSUS agenda.

    * Support for the camouflaged but very real HSUS agenda of forcing
    America into becoming a vegetarian society. This would be done by increasing
    federal regulation of farming, ranching and slaughterhouses with the goal of
    making meat, milk and eggs too expensive for most people to afford.

    * The gradual elimination of hunting, both by outlawing specific kinds
    of hunting and also by changing policy to eliminate hunting as a tool in
    wildlife management.

    * Naming HSUS-sanctioned people to be the new Secretary of Agriculture
    and Secretary of the Interior, and also filling many administrative and
    leadership vacancies in both Departments with HSUS-anointed personnel.

    * Creating a federal task force to study and recommend legislation on
    animal issues that is heavily weighted toward HSUS.

    * Nominating pro-HSUS judges to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court,
    federal appeals courts and federal district courts. Even if judicial
    nominees don't have a track record on animal issues, it is likely that most
    of the nominees will strongly support the concept of federal intervention on
    social issues, and strong opposition to the concept of private property and
    the rights of individuals.

    * And, based on Obama's track record as an Illinois state senator and
    his endorsement by gun control groups this year, many restrictions on the
    right to own firearms are likely. This also is a major goal of HSUS.

    When it comes to political paybacks, to the victor go the spoils.

    The HSUS Legislative Fund's Board of Directors has voted unanimously to
    endorse Obama. This is the first time ever that HSUS has endorsed a
    candidate for president, and this says a lot about the importance of Obama
    to HSUS.

    This endorsement didn't happen out of the blue. Our review of the HSUS
    questionnaire submitted by Obama shows clearly that he actively sought the
    endorsement. He wanted it. He went after it. Obama stated his total
    acceptance of every HSUS position on dozens of different pieces of animal
    rights legislation. He did not disagree with any of them.

    As dog owners, we cannot ethically support any candidate who is in
    100-percent agreement with HSUS.

    Here is how the HSUS announcement describes Obama:

    " <> Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has been a
    <> solid supporter of animal protection
    at both the state and federal levels. As an Illinois state senator, he
    backed at least a dozen animal protection laws, including those to
    strengthen the penalties for animal cruelty, to help animal shelters, to
    promote spaying and neutering, and to ban the slaughter of horses for human
    consumption. In the U.S. Senate, he has consistently co-sponsored multiple
    bills to combat animal fighting and horse slaughter, and has supported
    efforts to increase funding for adequate enforcement of the Animal Welfare
    Act, Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and federal laws to combat animal
    fighting and puppy mills.

    "In <>
    his response to the HSLF questionnaire, he pledged support for nearly every
    animal protection bill currently pending in Congress, and said he will work
    with executive agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the
    Department of the Interior to make their policies more humane.."

    That statement is a nightmare come true for dog owners, farmers and hunters.
    It also is a nightmare for any American who believes in the sanctity of
    individual freedom.

    An Obama victory, especially by the wide margin now shown in the polls,
    would place collectivists in firm control of both houses of Congress and the
    White House. Obama and HSUS would be able to get almost any law they want.

    What all of those laws will mean is that government will not respect your
    freedom to make and live by your personal choices. You will be required to
    sacrifice your life to the collectivist ideal of "total animal liberation."

    That means the elimination of almost all breeding of dogs. That means tight
    restrictions on the ownership of dogs. That means laws making it impossible
    to raise food animals, or for most people to be able to afford to buy animal
    products. It means the destruction of hunting and gun ownership.

    It will all happen in the name of the "common good," as defined by HSUS and

    The animal rights agenda is a totalitarian philosophy to force you to
    sacrifice your life to achieve the political goals of HSUS. Obama quite
    clearly has signed on to that agenda, and his signature is written in your

    Like most totalitarians, HSUS favors only "top down" leadership. For
    example, they know it is hopeless to try to convince Americans not to eat
    meat or to raise dogs. They don't even bother to try. Instead, HSUS pushes
    for laws aimed at making it impossible for Americans to afford to eat meat
    or raise dogs.

    The strategy is to gradually remove meat and dogs from the lives of a large
    majority of Americans, until the day when those things don't matter any
    more. At that time, they will be politically able to achieve their
    long-range goal of the complete elimination of animal ownership in America.


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    Obama is a key part of that strategy, because of his willingness to support
    "do-gooder" animal rights legislation, even though very few Americans are
    asking for those laws. The animal rights movement is not a popular uprising
    of political sentiment. Instead, it is an elitist movement that reflects the
    view of only a small but politically well connected percentage of the

    Through his support of HSUS, Obama has shown clearly that he is an elitist
    who is willing to impose the extreme views of a small minority on America to
    achieve a collectivist goal. If he will do it about dogs, he will do it
    about any social or political issue.

    Freedom is his enemy. Personal choice is his enemy.

    Collectivism is all about using governmental power to force people to

    In that light, we are especially concerned with the power Obama will have to
    nominate Supreme Court justices, and other federal appeals court and
    district judges.

    The constitutional system of checks and balances sees the courts as the
    citizens' final avenue of redress when their rights are infringed upon by
    the legislative and executive branches of government. The courts are meant
    to be a check of that power.

    For dog owners, the courts are our last line of defense against bad laws
    that take away our rights to own and enjoy animals.

    Obama will nominate the kind of judges who will be inclined to limit
    individual liberty in order to achieve collectivist social goals. They will
    believe that individuals must sacrifice personal freedom in order to create
    someone else's idea of a better world. They will see the right to own and
    enjoy personal property as something evil.

    This year's Supreme Court case about firearms rights illustrates this
    viewpoint. In this case, gun control advocates tried to claim that
    individual rights do not exist. Instead, they attempted to say that there
    are only "collective rights" of the American people as a whole - as they
    define them.

    This was the actual argument used by Obama's allies to try to say that the
    Second Amendment does not apply to you and me, but only to an undefined

    Obama has claimed that he is not opposed to firearms ownership and hunting.
    We believe he is not telling the truth, and is really saying that he is not
    opposed to his definition of acceptable firearms ownership and hunting.

    His track record as an Illinois state senator shows this clearly, and we are
    indebted to Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard
    Pearson for making this important information available to the voters. He
    was the ISRA's chief lobbyist during the years when Obama was a state
    senator in Illinois.

    Here are excerpts from Pearson's account of Obama:

    "I lobbied Barack Obama extensively while he was an Illinois State Senator.
    As a result of that experience, I know Obama's attitudes toward guns and gun
    owners better than anyone. The truth be told, in all my years in the Capitol
    I have never met a legislator who harbors more contempt for the law-abiding
    firearm owner than does Barack Obama."

    "Although Obama claims to be an advocate for the 2nd Amendment, his voting
    record in the Illinois Senate paints a very different picture. While a state
    senator, Obama voted for a bill that would ban nearly every hunting rifle,
    shotgun and target rifle owned by Illinois citizens. That same bill would
    authorize the state police to raid homes of gun owners to forcibly
    confiscate banned guns. Obama supported a bill that would shut down
    law-abiding firearm manufacturers including Springfield Armory, Armalite,
    Rock River Arms and Les Baer. Obama also voted for a bill that would
    prohibit law-abiding citizens from purchasing more than one gun per month."

    "Without a doubt, Barack Obama has proven himself to be an enemy of the law
    abiding firearm owner. At the same time, Obama has proven himself to be a
    friend to the hardened criminal. While a state senator, Obama voted 4 times
    against legislation that would allow a homeowner to use a firearm in defense
    of home and family."

    "Does Barack Obama still sound to you like a "friend" of the law-abiding gun

    "And speaking of friends, you can always tell a person by the company they
    keep. Obama counts among his friends the Rev. Michael Pfleger - a renegade
    Chicago priest who has openly called for the murder of gun shop owners and
    pro-gun legislators. Then there is his buddy Richard Daley, the mayor of
    Chicago who has declared that if it were up to him, nobody would be allowed
    to own a gun. And let's not forget Obama's pal George Soros - the guy who
    has pumped millions of dollars into the UN's international effort to disarm
    law-abiding citizens."

    "Obama has shown that he is more than willing to use other people's money to
    fund his campaign to take your guns away from you. While a board member of
    the leftist Joyce Foundation, Barack Obama wrote checks for tens of millions
    of dollars to extremist gun control organizations such as the Illinois
    Council Against Handgun Violence and the Violence Policy Center."

    Firearms issues are important to many of our members, and probably half of
    them are hunters. We also recognize that many dog owners do not own guns or
    want to own them.

    However, we believe Second Amendment issues are important to all Americans.
    If a politician is willing to destroy even one of our freedoms, then none of
    them are safe. To compromise one part of the Bill of Rights is to endanger
    all of them.

    Firearms issues also are important in understanding the collectivist
    mindset. Because an infinitesimally small percentage of firearms owners are
    criminals, collectivists believe that the other 99.99-percent should
    sacrifice themselves for the "common good."

    The call to sacrifice extends even unto freedom itself.

    We cannot support any political candidate who has demonstrated a willingness
    to sacrifice any of our basic American rights. Obama has shown that
    willingness and, we believe, fully embraces collectivist calls for the
    sacrifice of the rights of innocent individuals in order to achieve his
    social goals.

    It is a mindset that would willingly destroy the lives and livelihoods of
    millions of American farmers, dog professionals, hunters, dog owners,
    hobbyists and the tens of thousands of people whose jobs depend on them, in
    order to impose Obama's vision of a "New World Order" on America.

    We believe Obama would destroy those people without batting an eyelash. He
    would see himself as the righteous defender of animals, but doesn't want to
    see the truth.

    The people who own animals are the people who defend and protect them.

    Animal rights groups like HSUS want to destroy them: as gently and gradually
    as practical, perhaps, but destroy them nonetheless.

    Please do not vote for Barrack Obama.

    For your dogs' sake. For your sake. For everyone's sake.

    Just say no to Obama.

    The American Sporting Dog Alliance represents owners, breeders and
    professionals who work with breeds of dogs that are used for hunting. We
    welcome people who work with other breeds, too, as legislative issues affect
    all of us. We are a grassroots movement working to protect the rights of dog
    owners, and to assure that the traditional relationships between dogs and
    humans maintains its rightful place in American society and life.

    The American Sporting Dog Alliance also needs your help so that we can
    continue to work to protect the rights of dog owners. Your membership,
    participation and support are truly essential to the success of our mission.
    We are funded solely by the donations of our members, and maintain strict

    Please visit us on the web at <> Our email is
    <mailto:ASDA@...> ASDA@.... Complete directions to join by
    mail or online are found at the bottom left of each page.


    Have You Joined Yet?
    The American Sporting Dog Alliance

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    We are hell bent on electing the most extreme liberal and the least experienced President of all time. I am convinced that all of the facts and figures in the world are not going to make a difference.

    Just pray that some neo-conservative democrats keep things from getting too extreme in Washington. Since after this election the democrats will not only control the House and Senate they will also control the presidency. There will be nothing to stop them.
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    We are convinced that animal ownership is doomed if Obama becomes our next

    HOLY MOLY!!! He's gonna take my guns and my dogs??

    The sky really is falling you know!!
    Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaightlabs View Post
    We are convinced that animal ownership is doomed if Obama becomes our next

    HOLY MOLY!!! He's gonna take my guns and my dogs??

    The sky really is falling you know!!
    Yet another well thought out and almost intelligible response from the Conan O'brien dog. least ya got spell check.
    Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaightlabs View Post

    HOLY MOLY!!! He's gonna take my guns and my dogs??

    We'll probably be able to keep our dogs.We'll just have to get them all neutered and spayed and not hunt anything with them anymore.

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    I'll admit that I would be happy to see Federal regulations and enforcement activities strengthened to reduce wholesale trafficking in dogs. Beyond that, however, I wouldn't expect to see much federal activity in this area since it is generally seen as a State mandate and the Feds have more than enough on their hands anyway. The hysteria evidenced in the Sporting Dog Alliance endorsement is exactly the type of hyperbole that led me to cancel my membership in the NRA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaightlabs View Post
    We are convinced that animal ownership is doomed if Obama becomes our next

    HOLY MOLY!!! He's gonna take my guns and my dogs??

    The sky really is falling you know!!
    Yeah, and if McCain is elected he's gunna over turned Roe v. Wade ????

    None of the above will ever happen ......

    Loon !!!


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    HOLY MOLY!!! He's gonna take my guns and my dogs??

    let's see obama has voted 100% of the time for more gun control. what don't you understand about that or do you not believe that to be the truth? you tell me how he has voted in the illinois senate and what you conclude from that! he can lie all he wants while he is campaining, but look at his record to know how he really believes. the places that have the most restrictive gun laws are the places that have the highest murder rate.

    just look at california if you want to see how the liberals run things. let's see the state is bankrupt, imagine that.
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