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Thread: Crash course in steadiness

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    Default Crash course in steadiness

    I took my 1.5 yr old male to ND this past week. Other than a wood duck hunt a few weeks ago this was his first real hunt. After the first day in a pothole which he did really well we hunted a field for mallards. 200 ducks dropping into the decoys at 20 ft was sensory overload and he broke on me a couple of times after the shooting(A buddy told me that his MH broke too) After getting on him a few times he settled down and did a great job the last two days. He had several retrieves over 200 yrds and a 400 yrd blind. I was amazed at how far he could see ducks coming. He got over 60 retrieves in 4 days and honored at least that many. Attached is a pic after a hunt. He is out of FC/AFC Implied Consent X Scoops Little Miss Daisy Mae MH
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    Dang! Sweet picture! Looks like you guys had quite a fest...
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    very nice. Look how small that cackler is.

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    We have not seen that many Mallards down here in twenty years!

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    That was only one day. We did that good every day. Lots of mallards. If you have never shot ducks in a field it's a blast

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    I guess you don't want to trade anymore? Will you be at the test this weekend?
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    How many people were in your party? There looks to be a fair amount of hens on that wall.

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