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Thread: Marley and Me movie- Christmas day

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    Default Marley and Me movie- Christmas day

    Marley and Me movie comes out Christmas Day. The book was a pure entertainment value story and with Owen Wilson starring it should be pretty funny. Check out the trailer...I couldn't stop laughing.

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    Here's a discussion we had about it last week.
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    Just finished the book last week (I know, I'm the last one on earth to read it, right?? hehe) and LOVED it!!!

    All I could think of was our first obedience class, and after our attempt at heeling, the instructor said "praise your dog" at which point my boy Kai went ballistic. She stopped and came over and whispered "Not so much praise for Kai." Then on the "here" command he took me out at the knees.....

    During his first senior test, the same instructor was judging and he slammed the test and barely made it through the honor because the dog on line was no-go-ing. When released he flipped out, ran over to the rack and started ripping birds of the rack. The judge just smiled and said "You know you haven't passed now right?"
    I'm like, uh...yeah.....

    ANYWAY I will definitely be seeing the movie. Enjoyed the trailer and it'll be nice for my hubby to SEE that my boys aren't the only nuts-but-lovable labs out there!
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    The book was great - shed many tears both of joy & sadness. We will enjoy the movie, I am sure.

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