Say a prayer for Elmo
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Thread: Say a prayer for Elmo

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    Default Say a prayer for Elmo

    You've never heard of Elmo, but he passed away last Saturday morning. Meglyn's King of the Hill (Elmo) was my grandson Zach's first Lab. I still recall vividly when Zachie, at 4, called me up just before Christmas just jabbering unintelligibly. The only word I caught was "Elmo." My daughter got on the phone and told me that Zach was trying to tell me that Santa had brought him a Chrstmas present early because the present "was chewing up his sleigh" and that Zach had named his new puppy Elmo. I let my daughter and son-in-law use my kennel name, but Elmo came from a backyard breeding that I would never have condoned. Don't get me wrong. I loved him and he always made me smile when he came running to greet me. He was a big ole yellow hulk of a Lab, gentle as can be, a real sweetie. Never ran a hunt test or a field trial in his life; never even went hunting. But, he made us all happy and that's what's important in the end. He stayed with me for a few months when he was young for training and I'll be making a copy of the video of Elmo's introduction to water for Zachie for his birthday next month. Elmo's 12th birthday was Sept. 25, but we never thought he'd make it past 6 or so. He had the worst cases of allergies I've ever seen. When they showed up at about 4, I gave him a shot of specially prepared serum once a week. When that stopped working a few years later, the only thing that worked was some medication that cost $450/month. I knew that my daughter and son-in-law could not afford that and I didn't want Zachie to lose his dog, so I paid for it. Finally, a few years later, a generic, much cheaper, arrived on the market. When that stopped working, they finally, reluctantly, went to steroids, understanding that it might shorten his life. But 12 was good. Twelve was unexpected. My daughter called me last week while I was out of town training to say that Elmo was failing fast and she was taking him to the vet. There was a tumor and the vet also thought some neurologic problems starting. He was reluctant to get up, rarely went upstairs to the bedrooms and seemed to be in a lot of pain. She called me crying on Friday to say that the vet thought it may be time and that they were going to have a family talk to decide. Zach did not take it well. He'll be 16 next month and Elmo was his first dog. I was told he ran up to bed and cried when they told him the prognosis. They called me Saturday early while I was running at Central Kentucky to tell me that they had a 9:40 vet appointment to say goodbye to Elmo. They promised me that they would be with him when he left us - something I insist on. We all had a cry over the phone. Elmo, and, of course, Zach, were on my mind all day long. I called my daughter Saturday night to see how it went. She said that all except my 8 year old granddaughter, who sat outside, were with him, telling him we all love him, when he slipped away. Zachie wanted to stay with him afterward a bit more and they left him alone for 20 minutes for a private time with his buddy. I'm proud of my grandson. Godspeed, Elmo. Go play with Sadie, Abbi, Maggie, Chevy and Belle. We'll all meet in time beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

    Elmo, Sept. 25, 1996-Oct. 25, 2008.
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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts of Elmo with us. I must admit that the tears are flowing right now as my heart is aching for Zach, you and the rest of Elmo's family.

    Elmo....."Good boy".
    RTF ADMIN "You'll Cry"
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    Sorry to hear of another good one leaving. Zach sounds like a stand up guy. Condolences.

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    I'm so sorry to hear of Elmo's passing.
    I'm going to have the same thing happen in my life, I gave my grand daughter her first dog, a black lab she named Storm. Nicole is 10, her best friend is 8. She told a neighbor last week, she doesn't know how she's going to live without Storm in her life.
    Please send our best to the family left behind.

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    So sorry to hear of Elmo's passing. There's something that will never replace your first dog.
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    I will keep Elmo and your grandson Zach in my prayers, There are few things in this world closer than the bond of a boy/young man and his dog.

    Prayers will be sent from CA!!!


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    My sympathies to you and the family of Elmo. It is so difficult to lose a loved one and for Zach, at the age of 16, it will one day be one of life’s most bittersweet memories.

    How eye-opening it is that on the same day we read of the passing of one dog who was one of the better known, more successful retrievers in the game and another who never fetched a duck. Yet each leaves a hole in the heart of “his people” that is equally hard to fill.

    In the end, it IS “all about the dogs”.

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    My deepest sympathies to your family and especially Zack on the loss of Elmo. Its hard to appreciate at times like this that the depth of the pain of loss is equal to the amount of love and joy we have shared with our dogs. Both the love and the grief are immense. But they are life.

    Thanks for sharing such a touching story.
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    Why is the screen hard to see? That is a tough deal, but it is good that they were with him in the end. I know it isn't much consolation, but clearly everyone involved did everything they could for Elmo throughout his life and that is something to take some satisfaction in IMO.

    I regret that my first lab died at the emergency vet/vet specialist surrounded by strangers...he was in for tests and he crashed suddenly. My little girls adore our 3 1/2 year old lab and I already think about how old they will likely be when he dies and how hard it will be for them. They will likely be 11-13 years old and 9-11 years old when he goes if he has a normal life span.

    Sincerely condolences for Don, Zach & family.
    HRCH UH "Boomer" MH
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    What a heart wrenching post. It's terrible when a youngster loses his best friend. Our sincere condolences to Zach and the rest of the family.

    According to this BMI chart, I am too short !!!

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