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    Default Puppy Ads

    I am quite surprised to see with the state of the economy that there does not seem to be any decrease in the number of Labrador Retriever litters currently being posted on RTF?

    Your thoughts?
    Terrie Tomlinson
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    I have real concerns about the market for lab pups in general and especially now that we have the economy in turmoil. But I've been researching and preparing for three years to breed a bitch that I own and I finally pulled the trigger and had her bred last Saturday. This is to produce a pup for myself and for one of my friends. I have a couple more spoken for, as well. So I decided to take my chances and hope that I can get them all into good, working homes. We'll know in a few months if I made the right decision.
    Matt McKenzie

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    I haven't seen a decrease in (high quality) inquiries, and admit, I'm surprised. I bred 2 girls ~4 wks ago and a fairly high percentage of folks who were on my list several months ago are still interested.

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    As people say - the purchase price of a puppy is cheap - the future training, trialing/testing, vet bills, etc are the expensive part......

    I think if the economy tanks the Professional trainers are going to take big hit - I know my husband and I discussed it and at least 1 dog will come home if he has too, but we are hopeful that will not happen. Not to mention running trials will be cut way back....

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    Kristie Wilder


    I agree. I cannot imagine doing a breeding with the economy the way it is. But I hope people are successful in what they choose to do.

    I also agree with Lainee about the professional trainer. I don't think the "high end" client will be affected as they appear, at least from my perspective, to have plenty of cash in most cases to make it through the downturn. But for people who have to budget for their training money, I think it will be one of the first things to go...

    I have transitioned into focusing on obedience and boarding and we had a very busy September, which is normally one of my three slowest months (sep/jan/feb) so I was excited. But now the phone has hardly rung compared to normal for the last week. I'm just glad September was good!


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