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Thread: It's the economy stupid

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    Default It's the economy stupid

    Response from another thread talking about how stupid John McCain is.

    I am so sick of people who do not remember their history...this is not the worst economy since 1932...Don't any of you people remember double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates the last time we had a BHO type candidate named Carter in the White House?

    its the war stupid........$10+ billion per month
    Money well spent when you consider the fact that we have not had any American citizens dealing with terrorists here at home. The little Islamo-facists are all too busy being turned into martyrs in the middle east...a much better place than here.

    its the 90% voting record stupid.....
    At least he is willilng to go against his party at least 10% of the time, and they have been on pretty big issues...BHO votes with his party 97% of the time. Wow is he bipartisan!

    its the energy prices stupid.......
    Then why does BHO want to bankrupt the coal industry and stop us from drilling in ANWAR and off the coasts? If we had opened these areas 20 years ago we would have a lot more domestic energy, but instead we listened to idiot liberals.

    its the healthcare stupid........
    Try going to England and getting high quality dental care or health care without waiting months. Also look at where people with money in countries with national health care go to get their treatments. The USA!!!

    its our world standing stupid......
    I for one could care less what a bunch of ungrateful idiots think about us. They will stab us in the back and try to undermine us until they need protected from the neighborhood bullly or have a disaster, then they can't wait for our money, food and military. Most of the world would be speaking German and Japanese at a mosque if it wasn't for us.

    its the Palin pick stupid......
    You mean the one with more administrative experience than all of the other candidates combined? The one who sold the state jet, got the oil companies in line and took on corruption in her own party? Yeah we would be much further ahead with Biden and/or Obama. They understand what it is like to be a middle class parent, who likes to hunt, attend church and target shoot all while balancing the family budget by shopping at Wal-Mart.

    its the deficit stupid.......
    The deficit is a result of too much spending. The federal govt. took in a ton more money after the Bush tax cuts, but the idiots on both sides of the aisle spent like drunken sailors.

    its the national debt stupid........
    If you think the debt is big now wait until we add another trillion dollars in new spending.

    its McCain's angry temperament with both parties stupid......
    Gee that is horrible that McCain is willing to take on all members of congress who want to rip off the public with crazy pork barrel spending

    its the unemployment rate stupid..........
    Full employment is considered to be between 3&4% so most people who want to work do. A lot of people simply don't want to work or are not willing to work at certain jobs. I for one am willing to do what ever puts food on the table for my kids. I have worked as a bartender, construction worker, in fast food, in a factory and now in education. You get out of life what you put in so if you want a job get off your duff and pick up the want adds.

    its the tinkle down economics stupid.........
    name one poor person that has ever hired you or employed anyone other than a government employee. The bottom line is the "rich" are the ones who put their money into buying or running a business that employs liberal whiners who are jealous of the rich person's success.

    its the smear attacks stupid........
    You mean like the one that John McCain doesn't know how to use a computer (forgot about that little war injury thing) or the one about Sarah Palin's husband being the father of Sarah's grandchild to be

    its the rich getting richer and middle class getting poorer.......
    This is another false pretense set up by using faulty data. The real data does not show this at all. I am guessing most people will say they are better off now than they were 4 or 8 years ago, but their neighbor is really hurting while their neighbor is doing fine and worried about them.

    its McCain wanting to cut social security stupid.......
    See smear attacks. even call Obama out on this. Not true.

    its McCain's erractic behavior stupid........
    Can't argue with this one. His attempts to stay above the fray and act presidential at times have made him seem erratic.

    its saying the fundamentals of the economy are strong stupid......
    The fundamentals of the economy are strong as long as the goverment stays out of the way of people like you and me will make good decisions to pull ourselves out of this mess.

    its saying I'm going to Washington to fix this and then the bill loses stupid......
    Last time I checked he only gets one vote.

    its saying I'm not going to vote for a bill with pork, then does stupid.........
    Can you imagine what the media would have done to him if he voted against the bailout (I personally wish he had)

    its not giving another senator respect stupid.........
    To get respect you have to earn it. Spending 143 days in the Senate does not give you the experience necessary to be president.

    its not talking about the issues stupid..........
    Like domestic energy, the success of the war in Iraq, and ending big government spending?

    its the same old worn out Republican mantra stupid.........
    Which has worked every time it is tried. When taxes are lowered and government gets out of way everyone is better off.

    its McCain's impulsive decisions stupid
    Like deciding not to leave the Hanoi Hilton early?

    its not willing to talk to people who don't agree with us stupid
    I want to see you or any other person sit down and have a rational conversation with people who are willing to sit strap bombs on women and children, starve their own people to death, or use them to test chemical weapons on? Have you ever read a history book. Every time the world has a Neville Chamberlain, some Winston Churchill has to pull their chestnuts out of the fire.

    its McCain's claim to be a deregulator stupid
    You really need to watch the congressional hearings from 2004 and 2005. McCain and Bush both wanted to clean this mess up and were blocked by people liberal dems.

    its being out of touch stupid.......
    Like when Joe Biden talks about how people fee at a store and diner in Scranton that haven't been in existance for ten years.

    its being to old to do the job stupid......
    Wow!!! And Democrats call Republicans intolerant

    its about cancer stupid.........
    Have you ever heard of Lance Armstrong? Have you ever had a relative who survived cancer? Try telling them they are no longer qualified to do their jobs.

    its no vision, no message, no leadership, no inspiration stupid..........
    The USA is the greatest country on earth, willing to take on stupidity in both parties, a war hero who put his fellow soldiers above self while experiencing extreme pain. You're right no leadership, message or inspiration here.

    its criticizing the "mainstream media, why do they call it "mainstream"? stupid.
    Because they were the ONLY media for decades. The mainstream media is so in the tank for Obama it is unbelievable. You need to read the Pew report that spells out the + 60% positive stories for Obama as oppossed to the 30% favorable stories about McCain. If you think this is truly a free and objective press than I am would like some of the Kool-Aid you are drinking.

    its about privatizing social security stupid............
    My investments are all private and I have not lost nearly as much money as the governement. I always trust myself more than a politician to do what is in my best interests.

    its about being front and center in the last banking crisis stupid...........
    See Fannie and Freddy comments earlier. McCain was front and center on this issue in 2004 and 2005. One more little tidbit the "mainstream" media forgets to report and allows Obama to lie about. By the way the two men who were in charge of these companies at that time are Democrats who are now advising Obama.

    its about making war and not peace stupid...........
    Peace through strength stupid!!!! Speak softly and carry a big stick stupid!!!!! The Monroe Doctrice stupid!!!!! Truman's courageous decisioin to drop the bomb on Japan stupid!!!!

    its about the failure to get Bin Laden stupid...........
    You mean the guy Bill Clinton let go? You mean the guy Jamie Gorelick and Bill Clinton allowed to get away with stupid rules designed to arrest terrorists instead of killing them?

    Its about Intellect stupid
    Like the intellect required to get into a major service academy, or the intellect required to fly a jet in Vietnam, or the intellect to know when to stick with his party and the intellect to know when to oppose them?

    Its about poise stupid
    You mean the poise required to survive five years of torture or the poise required to not jump in front of your fellow prisoners when you are offered an early release? That does not take nearly as much poise as running a college newspaper or being a community organizer.

    Its about emotional balance stupid...
    See poise and intellect above. The man spent five years in a living hell and how dare you or anyone else question his poise, intellect or emotional balance. He has done nothing but give service to his country and has asked nothing in return. Instead of talking about how horrible our country is he points out our greatness and inspires/asks us to do more to uphold the ideals of our founding fathers. Maybe you should be thanking Mr. McCain, my grandparents and others like them who sacrificed so you and other Obama supporters can sit here and whine about how rotten Mr. McCain is.

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