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Thread: Voting News GDG

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    Quote Originally Posted by K G View Post
    At least they didn't hit 60 in the Senate......that would've been rugged.....

    Nice! Agree! Concur!

    Weeks before this election, I opined that if BHO wins, we need to unite as a country and move forward. While I don't have the same confidence as some here have that he is singularly the answer to all our ills, I am willing to give the man a chance to do the job that he has rightfully been elected to do. I truly hope he understands the scope of his job and sets forth to accomplish the myriad of tasks before him with the American people, not his party, in mind. Frankly, my biggest fear is of folks like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, not BHO by himself. He now has the opportunity to reign in those two and their kind, and set about the task of righting this big ship we call the United States of America.

    Twice as nice!
    Well Said KG Regards,

    Joe S.
    "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry V View Post
    Wow. Lots of negativity and doom and gloom folks. Kinda unpatriotic if you ask me. Yeah, right, you better lock up your guns just like under Clinton. The fear just doesn't seem to be working quite as well anymore, does it?

    The last 8 years of the Bush Administration has left many things in shambles here and abroad. McCain had an incredible uphill battle and fought well. As far as I am concerned Bush cost McCain the nomination in 2000 and also he cost him this election.

    If Republicans had actually been conservative in terms of world affairs, domestic affairs, and fiscal policy they may have had a chance. Instead all I continue to hear and see is hypocrisy. The debt and deficit are incredible, the economy just suffered an historically bad event, and the U.S. has lost standing and credibility throughout the world. All things the republican party proclaims to be against. Maybe people are starting to figure out this hypocrisy. No doubt that the Bush administration has dug this nation a deep hole on many fronts that are contrary to Republican principles (I know, it was all because of 9/11, yeah, sure.).

    The "don't blame me" stuff is cute again. I still love to see those "W04" stickers too. Does anyone have a "Don't blame me I did not vote for Bush" sticker? No, non-conservatives will just leave it to Christian conservatives to pull the judgmental, vindictive BS. WWJD, right?

    You know, Bush always said he was a "uniter" and now I see it just took him 8 years to unite many in this country against his political party. At least he lived up to that promise.

    Now, come on let's hear some more about voter fraud, and stuff like "McCain did great despite the circumstances" and "given the circumstances Obama should have won by a lot more", etc, etc.

    Oh, and Kevin, how was the "date". Did it live up to expectations? Do you think you will have a second date?
    Wow. This brain purge did cause a bit of a stir. Hmm, I wonder if that was intentional? Of course that can't be true because as I have been told here, I am clueless and thus would never have the ability to hit any conservative buttons.

    Regarding the first line, read the first few pages. Is this thread not full of doom and gloom? , and can't a man throw out an opinion that this is "unpatriotic" just as is done with just about anyone here who questions the Bush administration? There is your irony Achiro. I was expecting to be called a "hater" too. Maybe this unpatriotic line was thrown out "tongue in cheek" as Achiro says his post and avatar are indicative of. So I guess I am the only one who can't take a joke.

    On the guns line, in hindsight it should have been a separate paragraph. The point of this thought was to point out that the "take away our guns" line is kind of getting worn out IMHO. Kind of like "the sky is falling". It just doesn't have the same effect as it used too.

    Regarding the second paragraph, I think the last line is the key. Do folks disagree with this? I get that many here would disagree with my assessment of the Bush years. I can certainly agree to just let history judge his legacy.

    On the third paragraph, specifically, tell me where I am wrong regarding hypocrisy. After 8 years where is there evidence of fiscal conservatism, conservative domestic policies, or conservative foreign policy in this government led by a Republican president? I'll give you the Supreme Court nominees and reduced taxes on some but what else in this administration has been true to conservative principles? Enlighten me and show me there is not hypocrisy on these core principles during the past eight years.

    On paragraph four, it just seems sad that the guy isn't even in office and folks are pulling out the old "don't blame me" stuff. I find it ironic that there are folks still blaming Clinton for things that happened after 8 years of Bush administration leadership rather than placing any blame on Bush. Sorry Achiro, I have never seen any "don't blame me I voted for Kerry" stickers, but then I don't live in a very liberal state either.

    On paragraph five, I'll just let that one stand.

    On paragraph six, I was trying to head off all the usual excuses and denial of reality that tends to creep in. Should I provide examples of when this has happened in the past?

    On paragraph seven, well those were just straightforward questions for the man with the signature line "On November 4th, I have a date with Sarah Palin"

    Leddyman, sorry, I take no medications and thus have nothing to synchronize with yours.

    KG, if you knew me you would know that I am in no way gloating about this election. If I had wanted to do that I would have gone back to one of the many posts that came out around the republican national convention and modeled several entirely new topics after titles of those threads. Oh, and by the way, I agree with your last post too.

    The political pendulum swings left and right. It has swung a bit to the left. This country will be fine.

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    Henry, the "gloat" comment was made in reference to Buzz, not you.

    It's not all about you regards,

    I keep my PM box full. Use email to contact me:

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