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But what is "political in nature?"

If I go hunting with the Governor, does that belong in POTUS Place?
If the Governor signs legislation creating a new conservation act, does that belong in PP?
If we need as many people as possible to call the Governor requesting he veto an anti-hunting bill, is that to be segregated too?

Absolutes work poorly in a contingent reality.

Please use your best judgement.

I'm not big on absoutes either.

If someone who has a history of posting anti-liberal content, chooses to post up something copy/pasting a blog criticizing a recent appointment by Obama, there's a pretty good chance that it will find its way to the Political Subforum. Hopefully that individual would already know that that is where it belongs, as it is surely intended to spur political debate.

Chris - whose personal political views are rarely ever discussed and who is working to keep RTF on an even keel for the retriever community.