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Thread: Price of Ammo....

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    Default Price of Ammo....

    This may have been covered, heck I don't know, but is the price of ammo going to increase any or does anyone know or is this just an ugly rumor???

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    Many different sizes of ammo are hard to get right now. I was in a gun shop yesterday and this week the owner told me he has sold most of the ammo he had in his shop. Much of the specialty type stuff he sold he had for a couple years. Ammo for SKS and Ar's and the like is very hard to come by. The same goes for sale of specialty type guns they are selling like crazy right now.
    I've heard expect huge tax increase on ammo but only rumor at this point. It will take at least until Feb. before we see that tax increase I'd think. Our new Pres. takes office in late January. .

    The standard bullets I've bought have not increased in price. Like for my deer rifles.. there doesn't seem to be a short supply of these type bullets just the ones that folks are thinking might be banned in the future. People are stocking up... so prices I would suspect to increase- I don't know.

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    I would assume so, she is on the Derby list....a pretty impressive little CLF.

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    There was a guy the other day at our Local Sportsmans warehouse that bought well over a grand in ammunition. Much of it was just standard rifle round stuff but, he felt it is going to get tough to get and expensive if you can get it, so he was stocking up.

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