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Thread: New Security Force?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsc View Post
    We know that the federal security forces, border patrol, Federal Marshalls, FBI, etc. have never been fully funded and able to do their jobs in a coordinated way. These forces are all volunteer, not draft. May local forces, especially in small town America are volunteer. They also are under funded and not in the loop with even county, state or federal agencies.
    A common excuse by government for poor performance is lack of funding &/or insufficient staffing. My take is - They accepted the job & need to do it. It is in their vested interest to fail to solve the problem, look at the issue from that perspective.

    Marvin S

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    Marvin, not a supporter of BHO, just suggesting where his mind may be. I do think it is a concern until we know what he is talking about, then we can panic

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