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Thread: Teacher tells children why they should support Obama

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin S View Post
    That was the point of the thread "Make your Point", too much regurgitation & not enough original thought. The children are suffering intellectually for the mantra of Academic Freedom.

    I would say one must be a little careful with this approach. Many entry level individuals have learned that the way to achieve goals is "Don't Be Controversial". They know no better as they do not have the background to effectively argue any point. In my days at the big kite factory, there were no smacks working in our group (they were counseled to seek other opportunities within the company) because of the nature of the assignment. An indidvidual who is a kiss up is that way by nature & will hunt for someone to kiss up to.
    Marvin, I agree. I do my best to exclude kiss ups because they poison the environment for everyone. Even experienced managers will sometimes be seduced by sycophants and other employees quickly see this and begin to hide their ideas.

    Obviously, no group can remain productive if everyone is simply arguing for sport. However, groups die even faster when everyone simply accepts a prevailing opinion without challenge. Going back to the original thrust of this thread, I believe that teachers should encourage discussion of controversial political and social issues in class. However, they need to do it in a way that encourages kids to form and articulate their individual positions (not the teacher's position or the most popular kid's position) and then helps them learn how to craft proposals for action that require finding ways for members of a group to work together even though they may disagree on some specifics. This type of team work is the foundation for business, governance, and even healthy families.

    The teacher in the video did not do this. It would have been appropriate for her to point out to the girl whose father was in the military that McCain had indicated that we could be in Iraq for many, many years. However, this should have been done to foster discussion of the issues, not to attempt to force the girl to convert to the teacher's position. In the same manner, the teacher should have asked the boy who said he preferred Obama because he was black how he would feel if another child opposed Obama because he was black.

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    Apparently she is being disciplined.


    A North Carolina superintendent said Friday that he was "shocked" after viewing video footage of an elementary school teacher harshly questioning a student in class for supporting John McCain.

    William Harrison, superintendent of Cumberland County Schools in Fayetteville, has launched an investigation of the teacher, Diatha Harris, and has promised to bring disciplinary action.
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    That was the point of the thread "Make your Point", too much regurgitation & not enough original thought. The children are suffering intellectually for the mantra of Academic Freedom.
    And also the media and the Internet. Now that students look to the internet for their "facts", will they be able to formulate original opinion, or will it only be regurgitation of what they read on the internet or from biased media?
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