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Thread: eic results

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    That is the exact reason I have with the U of MN doing a genetic test and not doing there own data base which would cost them little to nothing. Heck the test is $65 already why not charge $70 and do there own data base.
    Mike Peters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Tome View Post
    The paperwork that I received with my EIC results said something about having to pay $15 for OFA to list the EIC results. Many folks may not be willing to pay that just to have it listed.

    Am I correct in this recollection about the fee? If so, why would OFA list CERF without a fee but not EIC... or is the fee included in the CERF exam?
    When you paid your fee to CERF, that was a listing fee; you paid the ophthalmologist directly for the exam and paperwork. Optigen routinely charges almost $200 for DNA tests and you still have to pay OFA to have them listed on the OFA database. Personally, I am happy that we have a lab that is doing the test and continuing to do the research. If your dog is affected, OFA does the listing for free; otherwise it's $15. At $80, the cost of the test and the listing is still reasonable. I only wish that the cost of having blood drawn and shipped were cheaper. We have been spoiled by Alfort with the CNM test. However, it's my understanding that the website is actually programmed and operated by the vet in charge.

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