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Thread: "head down" retrieving

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    Default "head down" retrieving

    My eleven month old female comes back with the dummy and wants to keep it on the ground so she can chew it. I have to lift up on the collar to get her to sit, hold and deliver. Just started force-fetch with minimal pressure (I like Robert Milner's method) and she's coming along pretty well. After a session, to relieve tension and let her have some fun, I give her a few retrieves in the back yard and it doesn't seem to be changing at all. Will the FF work for this, or does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    I would say that once you get the dog to reliably hold the bumper, tap

    your chest, or snap your fingers near your chest and tell the dog

    to "look up" or whatever you choose.

    Don't take the bumper until she does what you want. It will probably

    take awhile for her to "unlearn" the old way.

    Good luck with your dog'
    John Lash

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