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Thread: Secretary Treasurer of The National Retriever Club

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    Default Secretary Treasurer of The National Retriever Club

    The loss of Tony Snow was a terrible loss for our sport for guys like Tony and Charlie Bunn will never be replaced.

    That being said, the NRC is VERY FORTUNATE to have as it's new Secretary/Treasurer my good buddy and one of the sport's truly good guys, Mitch Patterson.

    The plan was in place for Mitch to replace Tony eventually, however Tony's untimely death put Mitch into the position of (as I call him) The Money Man sooner than expected.

    Mitch has a devotion to field trials and a strong personality, which he will need for this job. Mitch is very bright and (engineer that he is) very well organized.

    Besides Tony he follows in the foot steps of some other legendary field trial names, Oscar Brewer and Dennis Bath.

    He will be an enormous asset to The National Retriever Club and I am proud to call him my friend.

    Good Luck big guy!!!!!.....

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    very tough shoes to fill ...Tony Snow was a very good man, but good to see the NRC had a succession plan already in place
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    Ed I couldn't agree with you more. Mitch is topnotch and someone who although I don't get to see as much because of our obvious geographic locations is someone I consider a dear friend. Funny, honorable and a man of the highest integrity. He will be a tremendous asset to the position

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    Here here. Mitch IS one of the good guys in the game and someone i respect a tremendous amount.

    The NRC is lucky to have him.


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    An excellent choice and congrats Mitch

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    Mitch is a class act.... no doubt about it.

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    Mitch is not just a good friend, a good man, a good dog man, BUT ALSO.....

    "The right man for the job."

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    Congrats to Mitch. He's awesome. One of the people I really look forward to seeing.
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