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Thread: GDG - question for comp techies - GDG

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    Default GDG - question for comp techies - GDG

    1 - Will a Blackberry (or iPhone) get you access to the net from a remote area that has no wireless internet service? If you get phone service there, is that a good indicator you will get internet access?

    2 - When they say you can get your e-mail remotely, does that mean you log in to your own computer at home and pick it up that way or do you need a separate account like yahoo or hotmail, etc.

    Computer challenged. Thanks.

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    Iphone uses a technology called 3G wireleless. Basically the Iphone will try to connect to the fastest way to get information from the internet. Wi-fi being the fastest then 3G etc... If you have access to a cell tower with your Iphone, then you can most likely connect to the internet however depending on the connection the speed at which your retreive data will be compromised. As for email, receiving email remotely does not mean logging on to your computer at home. You can receive email either by using the pop server command and having your email brought in to another email acount you may have set up such as yahoo, or you can log on to most email accounts from the internet (webmail) and check your email as if you were at home.

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    Blackberry uses your email accounts just enter your password and username. Internet is good as long as you have service on the phone. I have a personal and work blackberry and they both work really well.
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    !!! Caution !!! be sure your wireless service provider plan is for media or data services or your bill may be a little on the large side. Most WSP's offer data or media services either as a flat rate or tiered services. The technology for wireless data is either HSPDA (High Speed Data Access), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), EV-DO (1x Evolution-Data Optimized), or other protocol depending on your carrier and the area you are in, the more rural the slower service meaning more minuets. As far as your mail goes you should be able to access any PoP3 and SMTP mail service provided by your Internet Service Provider. The device and it's capabilities are largely the same and a matter of individual preferences. Personally I like a windows mobile based system for the versatility it gives me including surfing the RTF un my tree stand ... Hope that helps ... Happy Holidays ...

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