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Thread: OOOH the pee!

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    Default OOOH the pee!

    Ok heres the info you need before i tell you what happened. i have 2 labs one female one male. had the female a year before i had the male. each dog has a bed on the opposite side of our bed. the male dogs bed being the farthest from the door. we just got our female dog back from a 3 month stay at the trainers( gotta throw that plug in. shes been home for 2 nights now and this morning we were waken up by our male peeing all over the floor. he started by his bed and just trotted all the way around the bed. we caught him before he made a complete boundary around the bed. what in the world would cause him to do this? trying to show dominance or just upset?

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    I would expect his normal routine has been upset.

    I'd bet he's playing around with the other dog instead of taking care of business on his last airing of the night. You might watch him and make sure he takes care of business on the last airing.

    Still could be something else, but dogs get into a set routine. I'd think he'd be back to normal shortly.
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    I have a male that is not fixed and he will mark (pee) around my female. Is your male fixed and is the female fixed. Could be she was around a female in season and he smells it.
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    Another reason for crating the dogs!

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    hes not fixed and neither is she, i watched him use the bathroom late at night before we went to bed. hes never had a problem with this before. she ruled the house before she left.

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    windycanyon is right, dogs should be crated at night. I love on my pups (they are all pups regardless of age) all day, but when they can not be supervised, they are crated. Especially at night.

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    [QUOTE=beawingman;364332]... i watched him use the bathroom late at night before we went to bed.

    Now that's something I would love to see! How did you train him to do that? I just let mine outside.

    Seriously, though, our male dogs tend to get "territorial" in the house once in a very great while. We have one bitch and the problem usually occurred when she was in heat. I would bet that his routine was interrupted and he felt he had to "establish" his territory again. They are crated at night, though.


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