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Thread: MS Office GDG

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    Default MS Office GDG

    I currently have MS Office loaded on my desktop. Can I load the same program on my laptop without having to buy new software?
    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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    I doubt it. The software has a serial number that is registered with MS the first time it loaded. Attempts to load the second copy on another PC will probably fail once the registration process checks the MS database for a valid number, and see that the software is already registered.

    But you could try it to see what happens.
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    Generally, the license allows you to load it on 2 machines as long as you're not using hem at the same time.
    Chris Goeson

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    That was my understanding too that you could load it on another. I'm hoping I can put my copy of Quicken onto a laptop for our club treasury stuff (I'm treas). Guess we'll see. Anne

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    The answer is, "Yes." You'll probably not even fail registration but if you do, just call the number they give you and explain it's your personal laptop.


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    Kristie Wilder


    I have had no problem reloading my office software on three subsequent computers that replaced one another.

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