WOW what a birthday present!!
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Thread: WOW what a birthday present!!

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    Default WOW what a birthday present!!

    So Thursday we were at my Aunt's house for Turkey day. She pulls me aside and asks me if I would like a shotgun that belonged to my Grandfather. My Dad passed in '89 and Grandpa passed in '77 so I do not have a single memory of Grandpa. Therefore my Aunt is the sole survivor of the family and had Grandpa's shotgun stored in her closet....

    I open up the case and find what initially looks like a OLD Browning A5 covered in dust. In fact it's very obvious that the case has not even been opened since before Grandpa died in '77 and probably a few years before that. The gun is in good condition, although 80 - 90% of the bluing is gone, but no rust and the stock is in good shape. My Aunt who has not use for guns, has no idea what I am holding, but my heart is racing as I held the gun.

    After dinner I get home and take the gun out and inspect it a little closer. Come to find out it is a Remington made from a John Browning Patent. After alittle internet research I find out that it is a Remington Model 11 and was made most likely in 1907 or early 08 due to the serial number. I cleaned the gun as there was alot of gummed parts, and got it running smooth and some light oil on it.

    After some more research I found the following.... The gun was bought new by my Great Grandfather sometime around 1910 (?) My Greatgrandfather passed in 1947 and Grandpa inherited the gun after Greatgranddad's passing. After Grandpa passed in '77 my aunt had it in her house, but no one knows why.

    I am so thankful for my aunt giving me the gun! After dad died, and being only 2 when grandpa died I had almost nothing of theirs. This gun is the perfect inheritance that I could ever pray for. How cool! On a side note I turned 34 today and I think that this is the best present I have ever been given..... aside from my kids.

    Just thought I would share...
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    My grandpa passed down a beauty A-5 as well.

    Defnately something I'll keepin the safe til I pass it down to my kids/grandkids.
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    Great story about the gun. Lots of history behind it too, it was the last gun that JM Browning did for Remington,when they decided not to keep it in production, Browning formed Browning Arms and that gun was/is the cornerstone of the company. Nice to see that the gun has stayed in your family and its history parallels your families history too.
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    I got a Model 11 from my Granddad as well. The firing pin broke on me right after I got it. I still shoot the gun from time to time. I hope you enjoy it....UB

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    Senior Member Paul Rainbolt's Avatar
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    Thats awesome. Hopefully someday you can pass it down.

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    That is so cool! My brother Philip inherited a Remington model 11 in "Sweet 16" and it is indeed "sweet". I am envious of you both. Congrats!
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    That is awesome!!

    When my Granddad passed away back in the late 70's early 80's my grandma gave me one of his shotguns, A Mossberg 12ga bolt action shotgun.

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    Senior Member Illinois Bob's Avatar
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    That's pretty cool.I have my Grandpas shotgun too.It's also a Browning.I never consider those guns(my Dad's too) to really be mine.I'm just the caretaker for now. Happy Birthday.

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