Well this was the second annual Thanksgiving weekend camping trip,this years attendees include both of my sons Bruce Jr.18,Allan 17,my oldest Nephew Ryan 21, a good friend of ours Jourdan 15,and yours truely(older than dirt)lol. Ryan has not hunted with me,or anyone else as far as I know,since he was 11 for several reasons mainly because he was not the best child and wouldnt have any form of disciplne from anyone. Jourdan has never hunted with us but did want to go very badly.

I was excited for the simple fact that I was going to be able to share Jesus with Ryan and Jourdan at our nightly devotion and prayer service we do on our camping trips.

We left Thanksgiving afternoon around 2:00pm watching the weather as the forecast called for rain Thur.,fri. and scattered showers. and temps in the low range of 45-50 and highs of 60-70 not exactly hunting weather,we took the chance anyway.

On the trip into the WMA we saw 3 deer down a side road and our hopes started looking up for all of us,me especially that 1,if not all, of these young men would get the chance to harvest a deer.

Thursday night I asked the young men to be in prayer of what they are thankful for. I told them that I was thankful for the oppertunity to be able to be a Godly role model in thier life and the fact that I could have the chance to bring them outdoors to what God himself created for us to enjoy.

Friday started 6:00am with an early morning hunt with Allan,of which resulted in nothing more that seeing 4 squirrels and Allan wouldnt let me shoot one with his 30.06 lol.
we went back to camp 8:00am to start breakfast,a mountain man breakfast coffee and biscuites.

With no of us seeing anything for the morning,9:45am after breakfast we went scouting for places to hunt for the afternoon,11:30 am back to camp so I could cook dinner ,chili cornbread pie,so it would be finished so I could hunt the afternoon also.

Seeing nothing and getting discouraged,6:00pm I did a devotion from 1st thess 5:18 and Ryan who has not been going to church,chose to close us out in a word of prayer, now mind you Ryan has not had a Godly example in his life except me and really doesnt/didnt like it when I correct him on some things, so I was very thankful that I could see him do that.
we went to bed early as we were tired,from the hard hunting we had done.

Saturday started with me up early 6:30 am doing Bible study and studing for a test I have this week in school.Ryan up and gone hunting,Bruce jr decided not to hunt for some strange reason,Allan wasn't feeling well as he has been fight a cold,sinus problems ,however he said he was going on this trip regardless, and Jourdan not getting out of the bed for some reason(guess he thought he would get prettier or something).
so while studying I was cooking an early morning sausge ring, scrambled eggs and biscuites.

After breakfast 9:30am we went and sat on some of the spots we found while scouting Friday only to see nothing. 12:00pm we went back to camp so I could get dinner started,red beans abd rice and corn bread,only to get the fire going good to have it start raining and with a phone call to the wife at 12:45 pm and the radar showing rain as far as she could see we all decided to break camp and come home home.

Though nothing was harvested we all had a good time and I am still thankful for the oppertunity I had to take them and enjoy the great
Looking forward to next year.

here are some pictures,I hope you enjoy