What is happening to my dog?
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Thread: What is happening to my dog?

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    Default What is happening to my dog?

    I really hope someone can help me with this.

    I have a 3yr old BLM that has never had any health problems. I would say that he is in 100% physical condition. For the last 2 months he has been with my trainer and has been worked every day. I have visited regularly and he hasn't had any problems throughout this period. When I went to pick him up Tuesday he wouldn't put any weight on his right rear leg. The trainer said that he was fine when he put him up Monday night. He kinda favored his leg Tuesday morning and wouldn't put any weight on it by Tuesday afternoon.

    I took him home and kept him crated overnight so he wouldn't do too much. The next day he was fine but I kept him crated until Thursday afternoon just in case. I figured that he had just pulled something and would be fine. We didn't do any work this weekend do to the rain and he seemed ok.

    This morning when I went out to air/feed he was walking a little funny but then he seemed fine. Now he won't put any weight on his front left leg. It seems to be the same thing. Starts in the morning and gets progressively worse throughout the day.

    What do you think? I plan on crating him over night and tomorrow. I don't know if a trip to the vet is in order or if I should wait and see what happens.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I would take him to my vet and ask for a tick panel to be run along with anything else. You may need to get samples taken of joint fluids to check for infections. While waiting for results a vet is likely to start you on doxy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRichardson View Post

    What do you think?

    I think your going to the Vet in the morning
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    hey Brad,
    Don't wait.
    If they say there are no tick diseases in this area, please sweetly say yes there are.
    I agree with beginning treatment ASAP.
    NC State is the best in our area if you need more help.
    Good luck, make sure they run a complete blood panel and do a urinalysis to see if kidney function is off-also signs of TBD.
    Honestly, that would be a quick fix and much better than anything else your dog could have.
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    If something persists for more than a day I go to the Vet. Always better safe than sorry. Could be nothing....Always nice to know it's nothing though..

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