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Thread: tough bed

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    Default tough bed

    Any recommendations on a good dog bed for the house that can withstand a 6 month lab???

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    steel bars and bricks should do it. Make sure you reenforce it with titanium alloy to be sure.

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    Kristie Wilder

    Default -- not a traditional "bed" but definately holds up and the dogs LOVE them.

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    I second and third the Kuranda. My older dog has never liked any bed we got him until we bought a pair of these for our kennel. The chessie pup eats everything, but not this! And Indy loves it. But......I still would not leave a 6 month old anything loose in the house, bed or no
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    At home, we made big cushions (3'x4') with the same fabric used in security clothing (the one that a chainsaw can't tear off). After 3 generations of dogs, they still exist ! It is a bit of DIY but it outmatches all what we found on the market.
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    Around here when Joe's Sporting goods puts their dog beds on sale for $12.99, we stock up. I have 3 dogs that share the same bed, and it doesn't matter how much I spend, they last abot 4 months, so we just buy cheap ones that don't make me cry when I toss them out.
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    We got one of the Orvis ToughChew Dog Nests when our first (the power-chewer) was a puppy. It was VERY pricey (thankfully purchased with a gift card from my boss who says this is the only bed her lab wasn't able to destroy), but well worth it because of the guarantee and customer service. Libby ended up tearing out the zipper initially and I was able to call Orvis who simply sent out a whole new bed, no questions asked. They said that they would only be able to *replace* it once- if anything happened after that, they would simply refund the money spent. It never happened again, but either way- bed or money back- how could we lose? We've had the bed for over 4 years now.
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    I guess I'm lucky. My 11 month old isnt too hard on her bed. The cheapo drugstore variety have held up rather nicely. I even took one of those "egg crate" bed cushions and cut it to fit her crate (wraped in a old bed sheet).

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    Where did you get the material? What did you stuff it with? How did you sew it to make a pillow?

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    Snoozzy Dog Beds. Bumper Beds or Traditional Flat Beds

    Tough, fits any size crate, great for travel, great for the house, dogs love them very comfortable. Washable too, just lay flat to dry--they don't bunch up or get ratty. Very nice dog beds.

    Did I mention they were tough--as in Ryder proof? Very important in our house.
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