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Thread: Bush hogging danger GDG

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    Default Bush hogging danger GDG

    I thought I would share this with the RTF family:

    2 weeks ago my brother Nathan's best friend was killed while bush hogging an old pasture area. Tommy Quatermose of Cobden IL was 37 years old, two kids, avid hunter, DOC officer and all around nice guy. He was out in an old pasture with his Kobota and bush hog when his brother found him slumped over in the tractor seat. They rushed him to the hospital in Anna, then flew him to Cape Giraudeau, from there he was flown to Barnes in St. Louis. He had a heart beat, but was not breathing--at first they thought it was a stroke. At Barnes the neurosurgeon discovered a staple size piece of metal had entered the base of his skull where his spine met his skull. It had severed his spinal column. Tommy was taken off life support and passed away. A small sliver of metal off of an old electric wire fence, unseen in the grass had flown out of the bush hog and killed him-- a freak accident. The reason I'm posting this is to tell you to make 100% sure that you have removed all fence, wire, garbage etc…. BEFORE you bush hog an area. Make sure you have the chain guards on your bush hog. ALSO make sure if you are bush hogging small trees and stumps that there isn't any old fence or nails grown into the tree.

    life is precious take care to be safe,

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    Oh, my! What a freak accident! Thanks for the warning.

    My condolences to his family and friends.
    When it stops being fun, I will find something else to do with my time and money.

    The Lady

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