What stud dogs would you look at?
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Thread: What stud dogs would you look at?

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    Senior Member runnindawgz's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Hemingway, SC

    Default What stud dogs would you look at?

    I probably will be considering a breeding this time next year and wanted to start doing some "homework" regardless ... I had my eye on a few studs (pedigree and performance wise) but the EIC factor has thrown me a curve ball...

    Here are the stats and what my dream stud's characteristics would be ... LOL ... I know, I know - DREAM STUD - hope my husband gets a kick out of that comment!

    Spice (potential Dam) is a 50 - 53 lb. yellow female
    FC AFC Hunting Hills Coriander "Cori" X QAA Female (out of FC Cosmo's Concerto Charlie X MH Female) her complete pedigree is http://www.completelyk9.com/TheDogsa...t_Kennels.html

    She has her SH title and ready to run MH (plan to have it before the breeding). She has a derby 3rd and an RJ. She also has her NA title and one NAJ leg ... we are scheduled to compete for her 1st CD legs and will do Rally - O this winter as well. She is very very smart and trainable and has tons of drive and STYLE.

    Weaknesses: she is a bit "buggy" and sensitive - while she is a good marker she can be fidgety and is a bit of a head swinger (I know head swinging is partially trainer responsability ~ but its also in her character to be fidgety and gittery) - I'd like a stud that can balance out a bit of her over sensitivity while maintaining the desire to please that she exhibits in all she does.

    Spice has great DRIVE but I want to breed in a bit of that dog who can TRULY focus on his mark regardless of the fact that the sky is falling and its raining cats all around him. Spice can get a bit "distracted" and jumpy. I believe that is her main weakness.

    I am looking for a black (yellow factored) FC/AFC suggestion.

    I am sure Lean Mac lines would be a nice compliment but I am kind of interested in something different if its out there.

    Smaller in size preferred 65 - 75 lbs. I'd also like a stud with a thicker coat as Spice kind of has a thin sleek coat.

    Spice is an EIC carrier - will need a clear dog CNM clear is also preferred.

    Looking to create a nice potential FT litter ... and also have that dexterity to be competitive agility dogs.

    I haven't seen FT's enough to have watched dogs run with my own eyes and I'd like to start picking out some dogs to see over the next year if I can ... There are sooo many stud dogs advertised but without seeing them in person - I'd like to hear about the opinions of those who have. Thanks guys!

    Any thoughts or feed-back about Joey's Zoom Zoom? He seams to be a newly "advertised" stud that has caught my eye. Other than him - who else and why?
    Danielle R. Pellicci
    Home of:
    (FC AFC “Cori” X Malli QAA)
    (FC AFC “Kicker” X “Spice” MH CD RA OA NAJ)
    REEF, JH
    (FC “LB” X“CAPPY”)
    RIP: Rhumbline’s Guinness is Good, JH... Miss you every day "Big Man"

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    Kingston, TN



    Grady has plenty of go and is one of coolest dogs to be around. One hecka of marker as well.

    Black male - Yellow Factored

    One of the top High Point Open Dogs in the Country

    CNM and EIC Clear

    Here is a link to Grady's Pedigree: http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/Asp/v...sp?DogNo=75118

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    Senior Member 2tall's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    South of Charlotte, NC


    Jeez, Dan, Indy is willing. He doesn't have a single trait you are looking for except a nice coat and a sharp brain. He is eic clear, but absolutely no other tests. What more could you want??
    Carol Howey
    Owned and handled by Cruisin' with Indiana Jones, JH
    Alternate Handler: Westwind Buffalo Soldier
    Apprentice Handler: Snake River Medicine Man, SH

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    You might want to take a look at one of Keith Farmers dogs "Boom" -Tremblin Earth's Stealth Mode QAA

    Here is the description from Keith's website : Boom is from the breeding of FC AFC Esprit's Power Play (Pow) X HRCH JJ's Tanker Belle. Boom is a natural watery dog, an excellent marker, and a true team player. Boom is CNM clear and EIC clear. See his OFA page for details on other clearances. http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1321091#animal

    I think Boom is one of the nicest dogs I have seen in a long while, and would compliment your Spice. Good luck.

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    Melanie Foster


    I don't have any stud suggestions for you (sorry), but I am impressed by your inquiry. Rarely do those looking for stud dogs tell (or know!) so much about their bitch's strengths and weaknesses and what they would like to complement those.

    One tip...if you will be advertising your litter to the "field" community, I would suggest not including the rally/agility type titles. They won't get any respect and may detract from your girl's field accomplishments.

    On the other hand, when you are advertising to the more general performance market, feel free to promote your girl's versatility and ability to switch gears from one sport to another.

    Best of luck on your search,


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    Melanie Foster


    Quote Originally Posted by SouthBryanLabs View Post
    and would compliment your Spice.
    As in, "Hey Spice, lookin' goood tonight"?

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    Senior Member Bruce MacPherson's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Jewell, Ore


    You could check out my dog Billy, course he's chocolate and crazy, but not a bit sensitive. Got the Lean Mac thing going for him though.

    "The longer you let a dog go in the wrong direction the more they think they are going in the right direction" Don Remien.

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    Senior Member stonybrook's Avatar
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    Nov 2005


    Chance (Calvert)
    Joe (Roglitz)
    Ricky (Garland)

    Best of luck with your breeding -

    "Speed of the captain, speed of the ship."

    Travis Lund
    Stony Brook Kennels
    Foley, MN

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    Senior Member YardleyLabs's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Yardley, PA


    For a dog near you, you may want to look at FC AFC Small Craft Advisory (Rough) who has good drive, is very steady and remains a very sweet dog around the house. He's bigger than you want (80-85 pounds) but many of his pups -- particularly females -- tend to be smaller in size. He's located ear you in North Carolina. If you are prepared to do AI, I would consider Chopper. Both Rough and Chopper are EIC/CNM Clear. Rough has OFA Excellent hips and normal elbows. Rough is a Lean Mac grandson. Chopper would double up Cosmo and is a Lean Mac grandson.

    I've watched Joey's Zoom Zoom run and was very impressed. He's shown below at the Swamp Dog trial on his way to the NARC last June.

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    Senior Member kiddcline's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    Northern Utah


    FC/AFC Jazztime Hanging Chad (Chad)

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