Whats that smell ????
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Thread: Whats that smell ????

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    Default Whats that smell ????

    That must be the folks that pay your salery Harry you pompus A$$.

    Harry stated "My staff tells me not to say this, but I'm going to say it anyway. In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. It may be descriptive but it's true."

    He was happy to not have to smell the tourists that come visit the Capital visitor center.

    At a cost of $621,000,000.00 3 years late and over 300 million over budget the folks in washington have the stones to tell GM how to run its company ?

    Vid link http://www.breitbart.tv/?p=232443
    "Communism only works in Heaven, where they don't need it, and in Hell, where they already have it" Ronald Reagan

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    Good point but right now, I want to know why they basically handed over 700 billion to wall street without asking how those executive traveled to Washington and without them having to have any real plan for spending the dollars. Now, Paulson is having trouble tracking where the dollars went. WTF.

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