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Thread: Dogs watching TV

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    Default Dogs watching TV

    My daughter was watching "It's Me or the Dog" this morning sitting in her beanbag chair in front of the couch. Gunner, the blm was sitting in my husband's lap, watching also. After all it was a show about two unruly labs. Harleigh stood up and Gunner couldn't see so he stood up on the couch, moved to the other side, and leaned around her so he could continue watching.

    Before Victoria, they had "K 9-5" and the dog job they were featuring was this obese lab that worked on a construction site. Gunner walked up to the TV and smashed his nose into it and followed the dog across the roof of the house (leaving a beautiful nose smear across the TV) and when the dog was out of the picture he barked at it.

    I think I've allowed him to watch too much TV. He gets mad at the kid when she plays door.

    **On a side note...just a minute observation about the "American vs British" lab controversy. Whenever Victoria Stillwell goes to a home in England with a lab, they are conveniently a thin "American" style. Kind of squashes that theory a bit unless they're saying that "American" labs are crazy on that side of the pond too.
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    Mine occasionally watch TV, especially Waterdog TV and DU TV. What threw me for a loop today was, while watching a DVD I just got on WWII, little Lilly seemed to be especially interested in and interview Traudl Junge, Hitler's personal secretary. Go figure. LOL
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    My old granny girl still loves commercials esp with dogs on them. I have an old big screen TV that she's scratched (offering nylabones to the dogs on the screen) over the years. At 13.5, she still flies off the couch to go greet them w/a woof.

    Yesterday there was a duck hunting show on network TV and the youngsters who don't seem nearly as interested normally all jumped up and marked the ducks as they were being shot! Anne

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