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Thread: push pull drill

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    Default push pull drill

    is it a big problem if he does not stay on his rear end when he turns ? he does good at turning both ways but just can not keep rear on the ground .

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not laughing at you Quint, but my dog's rear has never stayed on the ground for anything. I told my husband today, that we will know when he's got it, he will be "packing sand" by the time he sees the third bird down!
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    It certainly can be a problem, dog should learn to move on line without standing up. If he does, command sit, then tap with heeling stick on flank. Careful not to hit hard on back. Try to teach dog to move on line without excessive movement, if that makes sense. Subtle movement.

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    You might try taking retrieving out of the equation.
    Go back to heeling. Practice heeling in a circle with you moving only by pivoting clockwise and counterclockwise always keeping your heels together. The dog will then pivot on its butt.


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    There are much better trainers around here than I'll ever be, but I think it depends on what kind of swing you are asking the dog to make. I'm not sure which push/pull drill you are doing. If you are doing the one with 3-5 bumpers lined up perpendicular to you and you are trying to move his attention back and forth among those few closely spaced bumpers then your dog should remain sitting IMO. If you are doing a push/pull around a wagon wheel where you may be doing swings of 180 degrees or more then it is a lot different IMO. In that scenario I expect the dog to move with me (around me as I pivot) and plant his butt back down as soon as I stop moving. Just my opinion, I would be interested to hear if others agree with me or not.
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