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Thread: Hunting Pics

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    Default Hunting Pics

    As a field trial trainer I hear folks talking quite often about wanting "just a hunting dog". In that light I thought I would add a section to my web site that showcases these sometimes unbelievably talented field trial dogs in an arena thought better suited for "other" dogs. Below is a shot of Ranger who is a very promising and very young derby dog who is a gem in the duck blind or upland field as well. He is perfectly behaved and very skilled in terms of marking, perserverence, and blind work.

    This link will direct those interested to the section mentioned previously on my site. We will be adding more shots as the season goes forward:

    One of my clients has a hunt booked in Arkansas later this season and the guide told him "not to come unless he brings his dog."...The dog in this case is Goose who is an all-age competitor and one heckuva hunting machine.

    My point is this...we sometimes forget just how good these dogs are and, therefore, we should seek to showcase them whenever we get the chance so other folks will grow to appreciate the abilities our field trial dogs possess.


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    Thanks for your post.

    I love hearing those words: "you're invited on the hunt, as long as you bring your dogs"!

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    Good post.

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    Great post.

    I couldn't imagine going hunting without my dog. Regardless of the game he plays he'll be in the blind or boat with me from opening day to the close of the season.
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    Very nice!!

    I don't ever roll without my boy!!!

    SHOOT EM' IN THE LIPS..........

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    You have some really nice photos, with some great looking dogs, in that hunting section!
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