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Thread: When did you get the Retriever addiction

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    I was given my first Lab in the early 60's out of a field breeding. I have had them ever since. Only hunted with them until 1994 when I started in hunt tests.

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    I got my first lab in 1977. I was in college and was just looking for a pet. I had been looking for an English setter but was not having any luck finding one. I came home from college one weekend and my dad told me about a friend of his that had a litter of lab puppies - field/show cross. Told him I was not interested. He mentioned it again over the next day but I still said I wasn't interested. But just a few hours before heading back to school, I told my dad I'd like to just go "look" at the puppies. My mom said "If you go look at them, you know you will come home with one." I said I was only going to look.

    Well, mom was right and Ticket my youngest lab is now the 8th lab I have had since that day that I was just going to "look"


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    Senior Member David Maddox's Avatar
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    I too got my start following coon dogs back when I was a kid.

    Then, my High School girlfriend's dad, "Big Andy" Macejewski invited me to go duck hunting. He had a retriever named Roscoe that had been trained by a guy named Ken Stupka. The dog handled, and could run multiple marks out to a whopping 100yds, and that blew me away.
    Mr. Andy took me hunting every weekend; and with each and every outing my amazement grew. I swore that one day I would own a dog like that.

    Well I bought a show dog puppy washout back in 1991 and began training him to hunt. I knew that his sire was a "Champion", I didn't know that CH meant anything other than a field champion. I named my new buddy Char. He was a long legged, great looking, athletic 93lb retrieving machine that is credited for starting my obsession for these wonderful dogs.

    My first attempt at playing the retriever games was a Hunt Test run by the Tejas Retriever Club. Our first attempt was a Senior test, and neither Char, nor I, had ever even seen a hunt test, much less a Senior level test. My brother Philip talked me into entering. He said that "Senior was easy, and Char could do the work".

    HOLY MOLY, I thought I was going to either puke or pee my pants when I walked up to the
    line. Of all things, a walk-up!!! The first series went well despite my ineptness. Thank the Lord for my boy Char.

    When I found out that we had actually passed, and I received that wonderful orange ribbon I thought that I had to have more of that stuff! HRCH/SH-Char passed away at the age of 9. He has since been followed by HRCH/MHs-Coal,Dancy,and Missy, MH-Jiggy, and big hopes for future MHs Blue and Tip.

    I hope that I'm standing at the line with a magnificent animal 30 year from now!!! What a game!o
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    RIP Jiggy, Kate, and sweet mama Dancy!!!

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    Senior Member Travis R. Bullock's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Carrion View Post
    My affliction is genetic. I know no other life.
    +1 I had Black Field bred Labs all growing up. Always had atleast one black dog around sometimes several. Got my first show bred dog a yellow female in 1999 and have experimented and struggled trying to get some all purpose results with several show bred dogs since. Just went back to my roots and now own three Black Field Labs (as well as co-own a couple really nice Show Labs).
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    Senior Member DEDEYE's Avatar
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    Probably when I discovered the inner psycho in Darla at her 1st junior hunt test. I had never practiced going in and out of blinds, and had never group trained. She was flinging her 7-8 month old self and I had to crank the leash around a tree, and she started hollering and I didn't even know who this dog was! And then when she blasted out to get the mark she slammed into a dip, flipped over, popped back up and continued straight. The judge behind me was all sorts of festive saying "NOW THAT'S A DERBY DOG!". And I was all pleased even though I didnt' have a clue what a derby was... After that I did some investigating...
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    Junior Member mad hunter's Avatar
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    when I was kid we had black female, looking back most likely a field lab. that dog could catch a frisbee every time. no matter how far or high or what obstacle, she caught that thing. it was the best fun I had. once I had kids and joined the force I got into shepherds. after putting my shepherd down, i couldn't bring myself to get another one, so now I have two labs. They are alot of fun and great personalities. I am enjoying the new challenge of retriever training.

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    Member mountainrunnerdude's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Gardnerville, Nevada


    I was 37 years old, living in Las Vegas. My co-worker had a lab that he purchased and had professionally trained. I never went waterfowl hunting before but I tagged along with him. No gun, no license...I just sat in the blind and watched. I was completely amazed and the hook was set.

    The following season I purchased a pup and had her trained by a fantastic trainer (yes, in my opinion). I took her to the NAHRA Western Regionals that year (SR). It was a "blast". She and I were complete buddies both in the blind and out.

    "Starbuck" was stolen on 2 July 2008 while I was deployed to Iraq. I've been searching (and praying) but what can you really do from 8,000 miles away. I still hope that someday she will be scanned and returned but in the meantime I purchased another pup from a breeder in Teaxs. She is in training and I'll pick her up when I return home in February. I'm sure that she and I will bond as I did with Starbuck and I can't wait to run her in her first hunt tests!

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    Senior Member traklover's Avatar
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    I got my start with Magda. It is a recent afflication, as I had grown up with pet dogs, usualy Lab crosses. It was just over three years ago that I acquired Magda, my liver curly. Her breeder suggested I try hunt tests with her, as I don't hunt. Still haven't made it to a test yet, but love training. She has great drive, which she showed in May at the National Specialty where she got a WC, eleven weeks after having pups, and not seeing me for five months. She has been a great intro to the sport, and I am hoping her pup Shaya will also have some of her drive. I have to confess that I like hunt tests better than conformation, and Magda who is also my first show dog, has both Canadian and American Championships and was Best of Winners at the 2007 National Specialty.

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    When my lifestyle was no longer conducive to the horse addition... It's hard not being able to train day in and day out because your 3 year old won't stay put while you ride. Couldn't afford daily babysitters and my husband was gone a lot with work.

    Friends at the local kennel club got my interest started. The mental aspect of training retrievers and dressage horses were similar. And the best part is that I would only have to be occupied on the line with a dog for a few minutes as opposed to an hour. Even when doing drills I could stop the dog and tend to the kids.

    Much more flexability.


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    It was 1975 or 1976 and I was a school teacher in Scottville, Michigan.
    I was asked to help out and be a bird (girl) at the Wiskey Creek Recreational Center...I think it was a Big Test...FC ?? NFC???? I was oblivious to Labs and Test and at that time trained English Setters.......hahahah....After that weekend...I sold my setters...contacted a Well known Labrador Breeder and Trainer...and got my first Lab...and "The rest is a Journey". I still train with that Wonderful Family that Sold me my First Lab..but now The Son is my Mentor. The sight of those dogs performing those marks remain Visions in my Mind today....It was Love For those Labradors at First Sight!!!!
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