A very Little $$ where my very big mouth is
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Thread: A very Little $$ where my very big mouth is

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    Senior Member Ken Bora's Avatar
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    Burlington, Vermont

    Default A very Little $$ where my very big mouth is

    A very little $$ where my
    Very big mouth is.

    Cross posted on the NAHRA community forum and THE Retriever Training Forum
    By Ken Bora.

    Hello All,
    I am very happy to see, after such a long decline, retriever clubs holding NAHRA Field Tests again. It has gotten me thinking, “What can I do to help?” I am limited, as a great many of us are, to just a few weekends off to attend Field Tests. I am also limited by range and financial responsibility. For the Field Tests I am able to attend. I have thought of a humble way I feel I can help and want to post it up publicly here so club members planning their calendar for 2009 may consider it.

    I pledge that for the year 2009 any retriever club coming back to the NAHRA
    Field Test Program and any club holding a NAHRA Field Test for the first time.
    I will give to you the following.

    1st. One decorative glass jar of maple syrup for each judge you use. To be added to your judges gift basket. It does not matter if you have only 4 judges doing doubled up stakes and working both Saturday and Sunday. Or 16 judges or any combination that may happen. One jar for each judge. And if you are not planning a basket I have seen this stand-alone as a gift at field trials.

    2nd. One decorative glass jar of maple syrup for each landowner who’s grounds you use for your Field Test. Sometimes Tests are run on WMA’s or public lands. Our club used the Dead Creak WMA as you all know. We give a jar each to the two main guys who help us out so much.

    3rd. Because it is the third item, 3 of the same jars of syrup to place on your raffle table at your Saturday Evening Ribbon ceremony and Dinner.

    So, one for each judge, one for each landowner and three to raffle off, and I will ship it to any location holding a Field Test. United States and Canada. It does not matter if you only missed hosting a Field Test in 08 or have not held a test in years. If you host a NAHRA Field Test in 2009 I will give this to you.

    I cannot attend every test and I cannot chair tests from affair but I can do this little bit.
    Now NAHRA Forum and RTF Community, I need you. I need you to make retriever clubs aware of my humble offer. I need you to have them contact me tell me the numbers and dates of tests.

    I know from reading the forums that there may be a new retriever club in Florida hosting hunting tests. I hope they consider NAHRA as well. And just recently read about a new club in Utah. Also hoping they take a look at NAHRA. I hope to very soon be able to read that a club in my very region is approved with a date and ready to go. Pulling for you Jim!!

    Thank you all for you time reading this and your word of mouth to help me do this humble task.

    Ken Bora
    Burlington, Vermont

    "So what is big is not always the Trout nor the Deer but the chance, the being there. And what is full is not necessarily the creel nor the freezer, but the memory." ~ Aldo Leopold

    "The Greatest Obstacle to Discovery is not Ignorance -- It is the Illusion of Knowledge" ~ Daniel Boorstin

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    Senior Member Ted Shih's Avatar
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    Golden, Colorado


    Good for you, Ken.
    Competition does not build character - It reveals it.

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    Senior Member caglatz's Avatar
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    New Providence, NJ


    Well done Ken. A generous offer from a standup guy. I heard tjat Jim Person and the Yankee guys might be adding a NAHRA test this year.

    I'll be at LCHRC NAHRA test when you guys have yours. Would love to buy some jars from you then and see what this fuss is all about. Your reputation, sir, precedes you !

    Thanks again,

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2003


    That is a great idea and gesture for a venue that you love. We always had fun at NAHRA test when we had them here in Oklahoma.

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    Senior Member HiRollerlabs's Avatar
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    Rochester, MN Bob & Ann Heise HiRollerLabs.com



    GREAT OFFER! With the AKC's fees rising (i.e., the per dog processing fee), some clubs may consider going to NAHRA or adding it to their AKC events. As I remember, the NAHRA fee was $5 per dog entry for NAHRA Members and $10 per dog entry for non NAHRA Members. The $10 is still a little hard to take.

    It would certainly help if Entry Express would handle the catalog duties. Having produced a few catalogs over the years , it's a job that is pretty overwhelming.

    We really enjoyed NAHRA games. The dogs loved the trailing, and it was fun to watch steady to flush. It was like a picnic every weekend, the entry numbers were manageable and you got to visit with really good people.

    GOOD LUCK!! Ann
    Bob/Ann Heise
    "Show up. Dominate. Go home." Dan Gable

    "There is no such thing as perfection. There is always a higher level." Dan Gable

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    Senior Member Bud's Avatar
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    Great Gesture Ken!
    Terry "Bud" Cunningham
    Kankakee River HRC

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    The good people of vermont sent a whole bunch of syrup for us troops over here in Iraq. It was a welcomed addition to our breakfast for at least a week. I don't know if you were involved in that Mr. Bora but I am sure that since you are involved in the industry you can let the right people know that we appreciate the support. A little touch of home goes a long way for morale over here.

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    Senior Member John Kelder's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Catskill Mts. New York


    nicely done .


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    Senior Member Jim Person's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Central Mass.


    Hey Ken, That is one heck of a nice thing to do! THANKS. I think we'll be taking you up on that offer. Jim
    The mightiest oak was once a small nut that stood its ground

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    Senior Member lablover's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Richmond, VA


    What a genous offer!
    Those that receive a bottle of Ken's syrup are in for a wonderful surprise.
    Mine is about 1/2 gone already and it's only been here about 2-3 weeks.
    <--- Dooey, MH
    MHR Duckmates Fly Guy MH 05/17/94 - 07/17/08 "Flyboy"
    Candlewood Court Magician JH 1/31/02 - 8/2/12 "Magic Man"


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