Just helped PD take a drunk off the road! gdg
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Thread: Just helped PD take a drunk off the road! gdg

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    Royse City, Texas

    Default Just helped PD take a drunk off the road! gdg

    Big Yahoos to Rockwall Texas PD. I was on the way home tonight and was almost struck by a driver from behind. He barely missed me but smacked the concrete dividing wall and as a result ran another vehicle into the ditch. I followed the vehicle as safely as I could and phoned 911. Rockwall PD took the call as we crossed over into their territory and they had two units that quickly headed us off and made the stop. I was told to pull over also and await further instructions.

    This person was going to kill someone, I'm convinced. I wasn't trying to play cop here, I just knew nothing good was about to happen.

    A very cute female officer came up to take my statement after 20 or so minutes and she said the guy was TOAST!!

    Anyway just thought I would share

    Yall please be careful out there!!!
    Tim Marshall


    Royse City, Texas

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    Must come from having the last name Marshall, huh?! Glad you weren't hurt and good job!

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    Good job! Had a friend killed one Christmas eve by a drunk driver.....thank you for saving someone else! Jean

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    Great job! Beside getting this guy off the road, you may have saved lives during this event. This is a particularly bad time of year, for the all to common practice of DUI. I am a Sergeant for a state law enforcement agency, and I applaud your taking the time to get involved and making a difference. Hopefully, this guy will straighten his life out, and learn from this experience.


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    good work Tim!
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    No doubt it was the best thing to ever happen to him and everyone else on the road. Lets hope he takes advantage of the new opportunity.

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    Glad to hear that you are ok Tim....idiots like that guy ruin lots of families lives by drinking and driving
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    Good Job Man!
    I have a story as well. It is very windy, snow is drifting this a.m. My Brother was driving home from work (hauling snow) at 3:30 a.m. and got caught in a snow drift and it sucked his car off the road. It happens to all of us and he is in the snow removal business. Anyway, got the call "come pull me out of the #$%& drift." As I am driving to him, as I am in site of him. A car in front of me follows my Brothers tracks in the snow and slammed right into his stuck car. I watched it happen. The guy was impaired. As we all were waiting for the police to arrive the town snow plow comes by. The two cars are off the road and I am parked next to them on the shoulder in my full size pick up truck with my 4 way flashers on. You cannot even see the road because of the drifting snow. So the snowplow driver goes past and hits my truck with the plow wing. Broke the back light and scrapped ALL down the drivers side of my truck!!!!! AND HE NEVER STOPPED!!! Less than a minute later the police arrive. Filled out all the accident reports. Watched in amusement as the impaired fellow did the stupid human tricks in the drifting snow and high wind. So now rumble rumble the snow plow comes back the other way. The police flag him down. Tell him (I helped) that he raked the entire side of my truck with his wing. He says he did not realize it. I am off to the town offices now to get all the reports and then call it in to GEICO. At least the municipality should be insured, I hope.
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    Thanks and a tip of the hat from a retired LEO who still takes great pleasure in seeing drunk drivers get busted.
    Bob Gutermuth
    Canvasback Chesapeakes

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    I'm glad to hear they caught him. I had a similar thing happen to me once, only the drunk drove off an exit ramp and the police never caught up with him. Very frustrating...
    Mike Tome
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