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Thread: Simplifying Dog Learning Science-Part 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetrieversONLINE View Post
    Rex and some other early retriever trainers discovered a method of using pressure that had fewer side-effects. It is called Indirect pressure a term which is not normally used by learning scientists or behaviourists. In retriever training we use Indirect Pressure to either increase a desired behaviour or decrease and undesired behaviour. The pressure is applied directly on some well-known and understood behaviour. This has an Indirect effect on the behaviour we want to change but because it is applied on something previously well reinforced and understood [Emphasis added]there are usually fewer side-effects. Indirect pressure acts like starting a new chain of behaviours. ...
    Long ago I tried to understand IP and asked someone I thought knew the answers for help. I tried to use words such as you did in the bolded portion above and was emphatically told I was all wet. The discussion went south rapidly and finally terminated with no resolution. Later I met a "behaviorist" and asked what was going on with IP. I gave an example Mike Lardy used in his first series in TRJ. The answer was "It is a back chained aversive." So, my only point is those folks don't use the term but do have a vocabulary to describe IP.


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    Imagine that.

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    I was talking a few years back to a guy who did obedience in a big way. I told him how we used indirect pressure. He said, it was giving the dog something else to do and obedience types did it on a regular basis. I wish I had asked him to give me a couple of examples but I think we had another beer and talked about other trainers instead.
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