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Thread: gun shy dog

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    Default gun shy dog

    just wondering if there is any ideas on how to break a gunshy dog? this is NOT a lab it is feist
    may the Lord bless

    dogs are only as good as thier trainers,and trainers are only as good thier dogs

    Romans 14:11

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    i trained one for a client once that loved live birds, but was gunshy. so it started with letting her be on lead while letting someone else handle a dog on a flyer. she just observed. then i would let her carry around the dead bird to let her start to make the connection.

    then i started using a cap pistol everytime we did marks. nothing too loud. lots of praise. then we moved to her getting dead birds with the gunner shooting a .22 blank. then moved up to flyer shot with a 20 guage by the gunner. then moved onto me shooting by her. lots of praise and lots of reward.

    the first time i shot by her, she ran and hid under my subaru outback and would not come out for hours. the shooting process took about a month, but at the end, she knew the gunshot meant birds and was not scared at all. i amazed myself. hahaha.. didn't expect such a dramatic result.
    Mary jane
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