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View Poll Results: What is your Opinion of the POTUS-Place, political subforum

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  • It was a great move and it keeps the extreme political dialogue off the RTF main forum.

    179 86.89%
  • It has no place anywhere on this site and political debate should be banned forever.

    19 9.22%
  • Other - I'll explain with a reply to this thread.

    8 3.88%
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Thread: POTUS Place - Your Opinion?

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    Senior Member blakegober's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Ringgold, GA


    I am very glad we did the move. I was about to quit coming here due to the abundance of political topics. The new subforum has allowed me to get what I came here for and nothing else.
    Blake E. Gober
    Ringgold, Ga
    North Georgia HRC
    HR Hudson B. Gober JH

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    Senior Member Keith Stroyan's Avatar
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    Sep 2005


    I'm glad it's in a separate place where I need not look. Keep the politics over there.


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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2003


    Twenty years ago I would have agreed the politic has no place in my outdoor hobbies but in recent years “WHO” we elect seem to have everything to do with our rights as outdoorsmen, sportsmen, fishermen, etc.

    Not sticking my head in the sand regards

    Thanks for the POTUS Place Chris

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    Senior Member
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    Apr 2004
    Fort Atkinson, WI


    Don't argue:

    follow the above and life may be dull but it will be stress free. For me it is especially the dogs. Sometimes hard to stay out of dog talk.

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    Senior Member Richard Halstead's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Lino Lakes, MN north metro area


    Election is over not much going now.
    cave canem...beware of the dog
    Richard Halstead (halst001 at yahoo.com)


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    Senior Member BonMallari's Avatar
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    Feb 2008


    to be honest I forgot until now that it was there....after the tiring political season of the last TWO YEARS I had to take a break from political talk...I dont mind the ocassional jab but the one thing I have learned on this forum is that any of you wont change me from a conservative to a liberal and I wont try to change you from a e collar trainer to amish style as some (not me) call it.....but I still like most of you on here and look forward to meeting you before all is said and done
    Executor of the Alanson C Brown III - Trust

    Quote Originally Posted by lanse brown View Post
    A few things that I learned still ring true. "Lanse when you get a gift, say thank you and walk away. When you get a screwing walk away. You are going to get a lot more screwings than gifts"

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    Senior Member Al VanHoey's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Craigsville, WV


    I believe that the creation of the POTUS Forum was the correct move and allows those that wish to engage in politics, the opportunity to do so.

    My only concern is that when there are political issues that affect our retriever games, hunting, land access, breeding, etc.; they are incorrectly pushed over the the POTUS Forum. (The most recent example being the post about the positions held by the SecAG and the SecDOI appointees.) Many individuals have stated that they don't visit the POTUS Forum and thus they never have the opportunity to see these relevant posts. IMHO, these type of political posts should definitely be on the main forum even if they offend a few people because of their importance to the group as a whole.


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    Senior Member K G's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    southeast us


    Seems to me that there has been more substantive dog training discussion going on this forum since POTUS was created than ever before. It will control itself, ebb and flow with the mood of the country, pitch left and right with the opinions of its participants.

    I applaud you, Chris, for creating POTUS in the first place, recognizing the need to separate the passion and the product. Yes, it may be a bit of maintenance issue, but at the end of the day you've served the needs of your "members" on both fronts.

    Keep it. Keep an eye on it. Trust me: those "whiners" who complain about a forum they don't participate in will keep you in the loop....

    Ironical regards,

    I keep my PM box full. Use email to contact me: rockytopkg@aol.com.

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    Senior Member Paul Rainbolt's Avatar
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    Sep 2003


    Its fine in its own spot were I never have to look at it.

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    Senior Member 1st retriever's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Rapid City, South Dakota


    Once in a great while I will stop over there to see what is going on and if I am bored will read the posts to see people argue! I do like having it in it's own place but if it isn't something I want to read I won't open it anyway so I guess it doesn't really bother me much. On the other hand thanks for a great website Chris! I have learned a lot!

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