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Thread: Whats your best bird boy story????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamee Strange View Post
    I heard a similar story from someone in my club at a test they were at, except the kids were doing more than just playing smoochie face LOL
    We managed to seperate them before the club was faced with a paternity suit!!!
    Mark Land

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    Yrs. ago I was training down in southern Ga. We had a couple of African Amer. birdboys in boats .
    I went back to get my first dog.
    While I was back at the truck I could hear screaming coming over the radio. The the guns started going off. i quickly asked what the is going on?
    " Ms. Susan we ain't workin today theres too many dam snakes in here" We's comin in".
    I also had to air my own dogs. "We don't do black dogs Ms. Susan"
    Never confuse activity with success.

    "Ummmmmmm Isn't a word." Judge Judy

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    I think Bobby Boudet told me this one:Charlie Moody had a new bird boy and so Charlie shows him how to throw birds, etc. and sends him out into the field. So, Charlie tells the guy, "When you throw, I want this bird thrown angled back".So Charlie calls for the birds and looks up to see the guy doing his best to LEAN backward at the knees and throw the bird.

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    Did I post this before? I forget. Anyway, while at a hunt test, there was a reluctant bb and the judge encouraged him to speed up. The bb gave the judge the finger. It was a scout troop doing the work. The bb was removed and returned to the scout leader. He came back a little while later with a new attitude and some hustle.
    Wayne Nutt
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    Like most here I have plenty of BAD bird-boy stories. But the BEST one was a young man who, after being instructed to blow his duck call before releasing the bird asked: "Yessir. Do you want a big hail call or some feeder chuckles?" Now that's what I like about the south.

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