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Thread: Whats your best bird boy story????

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    Have i told the story about when i was shooting a flyer and my shorts fell down in front of Unca Jerry's granddaughter?


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    ..just a compliment to "M"......whenever we have trialed and she is a "gun", I am always confident that the mark is going to be well thrown or shot. She is, really, one of the best..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy Chute View Post
    ..just a compliment to "M"......whenever we have trialed and she is a "gun", I am always confident that the mark is going to be well thrown or shot. She is, really, one of the best..

    Do you owe me money Judy?!?

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    "You can put pressure on a dog, you can’t take it back…"

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    She does now !! LOL


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Squirrel View Post
    Our HRC uses prison trustees to throw and they're always great at it. At one Started test I was judging, we had an elderly, respectable type, old negro man. I instantly liked him. You know, a kindly grandfatherly, country man. Reminded me of an older, grey haired James Earl Jones. I have no idea what he did to land in the clink, but he was well spoken and worked hard.

    Anyway, we had set-up and run a few dogs when we came to a re-birding. I drove some birds and some bottled water out to him and casually asked him what he thought of the whole test thing.

    He started shaking his head and says, "Boss, I really like these dogs, but standing out here with this big slingshot tossing dead, stinky ducks for them to pick up is the darndest thing I've ever seen. You white folks have funny ways of having fun."

    I laughed and laughed...and can still remember that gentleman's voice making that remark.
    That was a funny story. Thank you for the chuckle!
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    Sorry to bump an old thread. How much do bird boys receive as compensation nowadays?

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    Well, I guess me shooting the flyer counts a birdboy story.

    Tulsa, OK 2012 Fall Amateur....I am shooting the flyer, and they brought us our lunch. Lunch was in one of those styrofoam boxes, with sandwich, chips and pickle.

    Dog starts for the flyer, but broke down short, was completely lost. Hunted and hunted, made a couple of loops around the flyer station. On the last loop, he grabbed a couple of chips out of my open box lunch and kept on running like nothing happened.

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    I throw for information!

    I hadnt been a participant of the training group I am with now for very long. I had been there long enough though for them to all make fun of my arm, and the fact I cant throw..

    Anyways, One day I was assigned to one of the long stations. That day they had a big group of folks show up. Many of them I didnt know. One big personality of a guy came to the line. I could hear his big voice all the way out to where I was standing. It came time for me to throw for his dog,, and I wound up, and let one fly (5 feet)

    I second or two passed,, and all of a sudden, I heard him Yellin "Mike,,, MIKE!!!! what the F$5# are you doin!?/ God Damn5$# IT Get the hell in here!! MIKE<< MIKE<<<<< Get the Hell in here!!!

    Gooser was wettin his self!! I didnt know what the heck I had done,, but I did know I was wet,, and found myself gatherin up my chair and my pistol,, and was walkin in to be executed for SOMETHING!!!!

    Cherylon came on the radio,,, and said " Not You MIKE,,,, His DOGS name is MIKE!!!

    Seriously,,,, It was lucky the training pistol only shot blanks,,, cause at first thought Gooser was just gonna turn the pistol on hisself,,, and end it alll there!!!

    I learned later the mans Name,, It was Mr. John Goettel..

    I reaally like his dog MIKE. ")")


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    We pay our bird technicians $60 per day at the test.
    Liz Macpherson
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    Anyone can train a Lab......
    maybe even a Toller person....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TollerLover View Post
    We pay our bird technicians $60 per day at the test.

    Wow, back in my day we were lucky to get $20. Lol on the technicians.

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