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Thread: Whats your best bird boy story????

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    We pay 80/day for FT BB.

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    What do yall do with the birds at the end?

    Sorry to hijack, this topic brings back some great memories!

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    Once upon a time at a nameless event far away, I was judging. In between dogs running one of the shotguns went off in the field unexpectedly. I got on the radio and asked the bird girl, "What happened?" She replied, "Sorry, I sneezed!" I turned to my co-judge and asked him, "I wonder what happens when she passes gas?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterman1971 View Post
    What do yall do with the birds at the end?

    Sorry to hijack, this topic brings back some great memories!
    What did yall do with 'em in the old days?
    Bill Davis

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    I tell the bird technicians we cook the ducks from the prior day and make duck sandwiches to be served to complainers.

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    We pay $65 for bird boys working the hunt tests.

    The last one I was at in WA was an HRC test. We had kids from the local high school football team throwing for us. For the most part they were hard working and did a really good job. I was up at the finished test making sure everything was going ok when a handler that had had a no bird his last time up came up to the line. First 2 birds go off without a hitch but when the third winger went off, though we could hear it did launch, nothing came out. Figuring the duck hit the side of the winger or something I walked out to the station to ask the kid there what happened. I get there and he's sitting back in his chair like nothing was wrong and when I asked, what happened he said "what do you mean?". I said "well, the launcher went off but the duck didn't come out. What happened?". He says, "OH! Yeah, I ran out of ducks...."
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    Back in the mid 80's, when I had a young dog my son was a birdboy. In the second serier the one judge wanted the bird to land in a certain spot, and I mean certain spot. Not too far left or right or too far forward or back. Both kids did the best they could but could not hit that perfect spot. We finally saw the boys walking in and walked up to the judge and said, "if you're that good and can put a bird in the exact spot 16 times then you go out and throw it yourself and walked off".
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    Well... my dog has had 3 no-birds in one series, so I know there are inept bird boys... (forget to put a duck in the winger... twice??? Really??? Add a missed flier and it was a long day.)

    But, not too awfully long ago, I assisted at a stake on a really hot day, and was keeping the judges coolers full of water and so forth. Unfortunately, one of the judges had a prostate issue. About every 4-5 dogs he would get up... walk a short ways off, duck behind a bush, pause, and come back to resume the series. (Yes, there was a port-a-potty but it was kept a reasonable distance from the line so as not to distract the dogs.)

    It didn't seem that weird at the time... just sort of gave the event a bit of an informal ambiance.
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    Local kid (college age) from down county road from kennel wants to work.....yeah you can throw for me..... let a dog out box and he seems reallly nervous , show him how to throw bumper and give him handful for walking singles in 50 acre hay field. I send him out about 75 yrds ....get young dog out and send to first mark...dog caves in to new BB at which time he starts screaming and running away....young dog follows he continues running even though I'm yelling for dog and him....begins throwing bumpers at dog as he continues to run finally outa of bumpers at 400 yards or so he drops, stops, and rolls , the dog is all over him thinking he is playing. I have to get in truck and pick up dog as well as BB who is about to have heart attack . Needless to say he had a fear of dogs and didn't want the work anymore!!!!
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    Had one at a hunt test, that needed to take a break. I gave Marshall a role of toilet paper to carry to him.
    Kid had to have instructions on how to crap in the Woods

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