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Thread: Whats your best bird boy story????

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    When I worked for the srs I would get the crew together and set up for the first series and then take the group out for a steak dinner before they would be totally abused the next 4 days. Once we were in little rock and went to outback for dinner. One guy from south Arkansas was on the crew and had never eaten at outback. The waiter took all our orders and when it came to Tyler he just said he'd have the something as the guy next to him, hank had ordered the tilapia. We ate and were talking afterward and one of the guys asked Tyler how his fish was and he replied " i didn't have fish I had steak." Needless to say he was now labeled tilapia for the entire weekend and was asked numerous times what cut of the cow does the tilapia come from?

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    Another Srs event, we were in Stuttgart doing an amateur event. My crew was made up of 16 yr old kids. We were doing a set of 5 singles the bird boys would retire after they threw their mark. About midway through zack threw his mark and walk to the tree line to retire then stopped. I hollered on the radio for him to retire but he didn't respond, finally he went down the treeline about 10 yds and disappeared. I called and called and he didn't respond. When the dog finally picked up the last bird, I called for the closest gunner to go check on him, I then hear the thunder launcher go off super loud, then zack is back on the radio. A snake had taken over his chair and his radio was in the seat. He had shot the launcher toward it to scare it off.

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    One more story from the Stuttgart am, we got the thunder shotgun simulators for this event. Well, you take a group of 5 kids that are 16 yrs old and give them a toy like that and imagine what they can come up with. They did their best to blow them up or tear them up in the first hour we had them. The funniest thing was when they figured out how to shoot stuff out of them like a potato gun. One of the kids decides to shoot a golf ball out of it. Well, they shot every ball they could scrounge up in the back of the truck and could get them to 250-300 yds.

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    Once years ago at a NAHRA test gunners at live flyer station missed first bird. Reran right away and they missed second bird and Moose barked at them. Mrs. Foote laughed, and asked if I wanted to wait a dog and did. They missed it as well and Moose was barking at them and wouldn't stop. We were all laughing. Well they hit the fourth bird and as he ran to pick it up he barked at gunners on the way by. That dog always had a no bird at each test he ran, we called him no bird Moose. Same dog had a pigeon blasted to pieces, and Ron Sauls the judge sent him any way. He ran out reached down like he was picking up bird. He came back to heel I reached down and he placed the breast and a leg in my hand. It was pretty much defeathered. I asked Ron is this table ready enough for him, would you like me to send him for a wing. We laughed.

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    Though I've only had a chance to read the first 4 pages on this thread, I don't know when I have laughed so hard!!!! Someone should compile a book these stories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntinman View Post
    What did yall do with 'em in the old days?

    The old timers would pick through them, find the "good" birds. Then make a Gumbo.

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    Junior test on a Sunday bird boys in one blind keep asking "is this the last dog?" "is this the last dog?" Finally on the last dog they launch the bird complete with about 25 popper shells along with it and yell AFLAC!!!! Wonder how long they took to plan that one
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishduck View Post
    We had coed bird technicians at one hunt test. One station in particular was always missing the cue to throw the duck. Found out later that the boy and girl behind the holding blind were playing smoochie face most of the afternoon. Cooler minds prevailed and the two were seperated.

    Mark L.
    I heard a similar story from someone in my club at a test they were at, except the kids were doing more than just playing smoochie face LOL
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    I can't remember the last time I've gotten such a good laugh! Thanks to all for sharing your stories. I'm newer to the game, and have had my share of bird boy experiences where I'm the one doing the comical throwing! Fortunately, it seems that it hasn't been bad enough to make this list. The most unique bird boy situation I've ever experienced was when I was training with a group at H. Cooper Black area. The trainer picked up young men from town to be bird boys. It seemed we were miles from the park entrance. That place is big! Well, at sometime during the morning one of the bird boys called for a bio break over the radio. The trainer asked him to wait, we were on the last dog. Well, the young man immediately started walking in, dropping equipment along the way and muttering about how he was more important than a dog and he wasn't gonna wait for a dog if he had to pee. Walked right past us on the line heading back to town on foot! Someone had to run an errand hours later and still saw him walking out of the park! Seemed like he was cutting off his nose to spite his face, but I guess uncontrolled anger will make you do that!

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    We had a no bird at a finished test. Couldn't figure out why the bird boy/girl wouldn't respond until we saw their feet sticking out of the side of the blind. They were making out as hot and heavy as you can with your cloths on. Needless to say, we only have same sex bird boys/girls in the blind now. Please God don't let us have that problem now.
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