Pup urinating in straw bedding
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Thread: Pup urinating in straw bedding

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    Default Pup urinating in straw bedding

    Looking for some answers and advice. I have a five and a half month old pup who just started urinating in her dog house yesterday and today. She has never done this. She is crated at night in the house and is in an outside kennel with a well insulated dog house with straw bedding during the day. I come home during my lunch break to let her out but sometimes she has urinated on the concrete but never in her dog house. Saturday p.m. we received a 1/4" of ice covering her concrete kennel floor. The only conclusion I can form is that for some reason she will not relieve herself on the sick icy concrete of here kennel. I am in the process of removing the ice from the kennel floor using salt and an ice scraper this afternoon. Any past experiences/advice would be much appreciated.

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    She didn't like the ice. Be careful that you use ice remover that is safe for dogs.
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    I know a lot of dogs won't pee on concrete. Salt is hard on dogs feet and as said above be careful because some is toxic!

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    Thanks for the replies. I used the salt to melt the ice and scrape the ice from the kennel floor. I then washed the kennel down with hot water. Hopefully this will solve my problem today.

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    It's always been my understanding that straw is one of the worst bedding materials you can use. To many parisites can hide in there. Cedar is a more natuaral repelant and smells better as well.

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