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Thread: Right or left side?

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    Senior Member Fowl Play WA's Avatar
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    Default Right or left side?

    What side does your dog work from? This is purely for curiosity's sake.I have always had mine work from the left, but I am curious about others. Does it matter? I actually had someone mention that lefties should have their dogs on their right so they weren't right next to the gun in a blind, but as I'm not such a big hunter, it really doesn't matter to me at all. What do you prefer?
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    Senior Member Sundown49 aka Otey B's Avatar
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    both.I do 2 sided heeling......has an advantage sometimes..
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    In obedience competition the dog always has to be on the left. That is how I was trained to train so that is where my dogs heel! I know for retrievers they can heel either side.

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    There is a nice article about it in Retrievers Online, Sept-Oct 2008.
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    I always had them on the left, since that is the traditional side. New pup works on both--every once and a while it makes enough difference that it is worth training them to heel 2 sided.

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    Senior Member Devlin's Avatar
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    Left side...I shoot right-handed, so I want her on the opposite side. Consequently I've done all of her training with her on my left.

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    2 sided heeling is the way to go....

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    Senior Member Pals's Avatar
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    Both sides. Helped my dog in more than a few tests, it's always nice to have the option.

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    Senior Member Evan's Avatar
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    Click on this link Scroll down to article #8 "Two-sidedness". It's easy, and provides you with the tools to put your dog easily wherever he needs to be.

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    Senior Member DarrinGreene's Avatar
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    Since I will do a combination of testing and or hunting (where remote sit might be required), I trained the latest one to be two sided.

    It's really very simple if you start out to do it that way in the first place so I took the extra little step.
    Darrin Greene

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