Nursing home gave my mom wrong meds GDG
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Thread: Nursing home gave my mom wrong meds GDG

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    Angry Nursing home gave my mom wrong meds GDG

    My 96 yr old mom is in a Durango Colorado nursing home and last night a rookie RN on her FIRST solo shift gave my mom the wrong medication meant for someone else, it included 30mg of morphine which for a frail 100lb Asian women with Alzheimers is enough to stop her dead in her tracks. ..Livid does not describe what i am feeling now , she got through the night but we are monitoring her hourly.

    for those of you with elderly in nursing homes this is our worst nightmare and we hope it never happens to your loved ones.

    Does anyone know a good attorney in Colorado, mine only practice in Texas or NV...I have contacted the attorney general and will file charges

    My mom is a devout Christian that sleep with her bible by her pillow so I am sure that God watched out for one of his believers on this one for now
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    I am very sorry to hear that happened. Honest mistake, most likely, but when dealing with people's lives not one that someone should make.

    I feel badly for the nurse too. She probably feels equally devastated and is wondering if she chose the right occupation.

    I am sure that since your mom is a Christian, she has forgiven the mistake.

    God answers prayers all the time. Even the ones we don't know we asked. God is Good (always)

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    Was it an RN or a Nursing Assistant?

    Like it or not, nursing homes and assisted living facilities exist to make a profit. Their biggest expense is salary. Sometimes they cut staff or cut trained staff to save money which ultimately results in stories such as this.

    I would at the very least:

    1. Report this to the proper state authorities that license this facility.
    2. Arrange a meeting with the Manager or Nursing Supervisor of the facility to review the
    incident and determine what measures they have taken to prevent this from reoccurring.
    3. Request a letter from the facility recapping the meeting.
    4. Do not discuss with their insurance company or legal represenative without competant
    legal counsel.

    While I do not know all the facts here, it might not be entirely the nurses fault.

    I've been down this road also. You feel so helpless.
    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonbonjovi View Post
    Does anyone know a good attorney in Colorado,
    Ted. Since he's a defense attorney, he can probably recommend someone. But, first you have to have damages. And, for your mother's sake, I hope you don't.

    Bless her heart. My prayers for her recovery.

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    I'm so sorry, and I hope that she recovers quickly and completely.

    I can't even imagine how horrible the person must feel who gave her the morphine. Scary!
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    I hope your mom is ok! I have had sort of the same experience but with a terrible outcome. My grandpa had a terrible headache so he went to bed. He woke up in the middle of the night and it hurt really bad so my grandma and my aunt took him up to the Veterans hospital where they sent him home as being diagnosed with the flu. Now they never did any tests or anything and just told him to take a couple tylenol and he would be better. By the time they got back home which was very early morning he was not responding. I woke up to the ambulance coming by my dad's house. Since we they have land they all live right there. Well we raced to the hospital and he was still unconcious. Later that day I found out at work that he had died of a brain anuryesm (sp?)! I thought there should have been a major lawsuit but it didn't happen. If only they would have checked him at the first hospital he might still be here instead of the National Cemetary as he was only 70. Believe me I feel your pain and wasn't trying to steal your thread! Just sharing my experience!

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    I am sorry for your mother, praying for a full recovery.

    I have to say that this is probably not uncommon. As an EMT, we take people both to and from nursing homes. We have taken so many people out that end up dying because the staff was too ignorant, lazy, uneducated, etc. to recognize that the person couldn't breathe or was actually unconscious instead of sleeping, etc. It makes me angry and I hate bringing people back there from the hospital. There are select few that I like around here. But there are two in my district that are absolutely horrible, patient care at it's worst. I wouldn't send my dying goldfish there. And the sad part is they cannot do anything without orders from the doctor, including putting oxygen on a patient in respiratory distress. It's very sad, at least up here in NY, and somebody really needs to step in and do something about it. One case where I would be all for more government intervention.

    I am very sorry and hope for the best possible outcome for your mom.

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    I feel very sorry for you and Clint, Bon.

    I hope everything turns out well!!!
    Howard Niemi

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    I hope your mother is doing alright after the incorrect med was administered. How was it given to her? That affects the efficacy of the drug.

    I don't know the laws and regulations in Colorodo but, I bet the facility uses the least trained staff they law requires. I probably was not an RN. Just because they are called nurses does not make them an RN.

    My wife had an aunt in a facility in our town. My mother-in-law was her medical POA and would not allow us to keep her in our home. My wife is an RN. We cared for her aunt daily and the last two months of her life. The facility she was in was a "nice" one. There was only on RN for the whole facility. She only worked 40 hours a week. The rest were all LPN's.

    The last few days of my wife's aunt she was in pain and put on subligual, under the tongue, morphine. We only knew she got her meds correctly when we saw them administered. We had one LPN tells us she didn't know how to give it so she mixed it in water and had her swallow it. Her aunt could no longer swallow. Another told us she never woke up so therefore she wasn't in pain and she didn't give her the drug.

    Assuming your mother is ok be thankful the mistake was admitted and you were informed. In the future such mistakes may never be reported and they may put off calling the family as long as possible, if ever. Unless you are there to see how your mother is taken care of you are at their mercy. Having someone with medical knowledge that can assist you in asking the "right" questions is very important. Most of these facilities are good at being nice which makes families feel good. It is only after you are with your family member day after day and you arrive at irregular times do you get to see the real picture of how they are being treated.

    I'm sorry you, your mother and your family are going through this. It is very difficult.

    God bless,

    Tom Wall

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    Southern Tier NY


    I have an 87 year old mother in the same situation as yours. Have had my share of problems with the nursing home also. I am so sorry you have to go through that, I will say a prayer for your mom.

    I worry that cuts in Medicaid and Medicare will put our mom's and dads in even more risk. There are no easy answers

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