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Thread: Answered Prayer

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    Default Answered Prayer

    It has taken me this long to write this. In mid Dec my wife let out BLM out to air. He got away from her and we searched for 3 days tring to find him. The hardest part for me was putting out fliers at area businesses. It was on Dec 18 the family wanted to go out and look for him agian. Drove all over blowing whistles and calling for him. My 6 year old said that it did not matter and he would ask Santa to bring him home. We told him that Santa may not be able to find him either. We came home then my 9 year old stood on the front porch and asked God to please bring his dog home. That night around 1130 pm our BLF began to bark. I got up out of bed and looked outside I did not see anything. The next morning my wife was getting ready to go out the door and he ran into the house. Everyone in the house was happy he was home but he has been attacked. Called our vet's emergancy number 2 times to have her call us back because his tail had been degloved. Looked like whatever got hold of him grabbed at the base of the tail and pulled all the skin off. Since our vet did not call back in 15-20 I called another vet. He had to amupated the whole tail, which he still has a wound about the size of a half dollar. The vet said that it had to have been coyotes. I have talked with neighbors and one lost a calf the first night he got out. When I asked our vet if she got the message from the answering service she said she did and she thought it was a cut that needed to be stiched, she did not think the tail was ripped off. I told her that I told the answering service that it had been degloved. Is it time to find a new vet? The most important part is that we have him back and a small boys prayer was answered.

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    So glad you have him back!
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    I don't think it is time to get a new vet per say. I would talk with your vet about their answering service and ask them what they will do to prevent such a thing from happening again....if they do not give you a reasonable answer then you might consider a new vet.

    Glad your dog got home...

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    Its great to have him back but the wife feels real bad everytime she looks at him. Shes worried that this will someway effect his retrieving. I told her that with the desire he has this wouldn't. I have told her everytime we step to the line he is like running a Rhino on crack. Always ready to go. A couple of times he's even beaten me to the line only for me to put a lead on him and thank the judges.

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    So glad for the happy ending. A wonderful icon of Labs told me that they don't pick up your birds with their tails, so don't worry about that. Rejoice in the fact that the coffee table won't be wiped clean every time he get near it. See - for every down side there is an up side.
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    How great a christmas gift was that???? I too would have a heart to heart with my vet. Early on I had some difficulties reaching anyone at my vet's office after hours. We had that talk, and I've never had a problem since. Once they know you know what your talking about, and your personal involvement in the well being of these great dogs, they take you very seriously.
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    Glad he is back, even if slightly the worse for the wear. I would have a come to Jesus talk with the vet. If I call after hours, I expect mine to call me back (fortunately they are very good about that). After we have discussed it, they can decide whether or not it can wait, but they shouldn't make that call based on the answering service.

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    So glad that he is back.... as awful as it sounds, missing tail is a small price to pay for still being alive. Doesn't take much for dogs to get away from us...

    Why does the vet think it was coyotes?

    We have lots of deer here year round..right now there are some yarding up on our property. Large oak trees out front near the road..and it looks as though someone tilled up the leaves, as they are digging up for acorns. We have quite a bit of snow cover, so you can't help but notice. We see them nearly every nite and very early mroning before daybreak...

    Seldom hear coyotes as in other parts of Falmouth but we still use caution with our dogs. Have a large area fenced with a gate at the very back so we can keep going for walks into the woods and a stream further on. Close it at night so the dogs do not get into the woods out of sight even for a moment. As it is "home" to them and they like to hide to "go"...

    We do see them often crossing roads, and have heard them holding conversations on property that is designated as recreation areas..groomed ski trails seem to make great roadways for them to follow deer. Finding remains of deer are commonplace for years now. Probably someone came along..x-country skier, snowshoeing etc, but usually gone by the next day.

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    Glad your dog is back. Even if the tail just needed stitching, I think a return call was in order. Time to have a talk with that vet, and if needed, a new vet.

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    Glad you got your dog back.
    My thought about the vet..Why do you have an answering service if you are not going to call back and at least ask questions. I would be calling around looking for a person that would give better service.
    I have high expectations when people talk about what they are going to do and then don't follow through. I often get told by my friends it's best not to have expectations then I won't be disappointed as much.

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