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Thread: 115 Groups Ask Obama's Ag Secretary to End Wildlife Killing

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    Since there is a Potus Place, why not put everything in its place? Should the lab puppies sales area contain sales information for a boat or winger?

    The sky has not fallen regards-

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    Quote Originally Posted by john fallon View Post
    Putting aside where it should be posted for a moment Where were they with their letters for the past 8 years?
    Where was our indignation during "W's" watch ?
    Do a search, provided they have not been deleted. I have been monitoring AR-NEWS for almost two decades now, and post them here and at the Refuge whenever I think they are informative. Along with relevant press releases from the USSA (formerly WLFA), DU, and NRA.

    This has NOTHING to do with who is in charge. As I said over on POTUS, I wish Obama success in improving this great nation. We need it. Four years is too long to be miserable. Then after four years, I hope we conservatives can beat him on ideas rather than a track record of failure. I will always put the welfare of this nation and my loved ones over partisan politics.

    Quote Originally Posted by straightline
    I for one don't go to the POTUS forum because I have nothing to add and most of it I probably would'nt understand or care to. However topics such as this I find interesting and informative. What will I do with the info? Probably nothing just as everyone else but at least I am somewhat informed about them.
    YOU get it. It is all about being informed. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less. Just being informed.

    Some of us will ignore the information. Some of us will act on it. Some of us will wait until we get more info before we act. Some of us require the situation to get more dire before we finally say "enough." How do we act? We join the NRA. Or we call our congresscritter. Or we donate money to the USSA. Or we volunteer for DU.

    There seems to be a hundred ways to act to protect our sports of hunting and HTs/FTs. But only one way to not act.
    Kevin Walker

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    Kevin you are a great American, Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by blakegober View Post
    Fine if that is what you guys want to use this forum for. I for one believe that many people w/ a vast knowledge of dog training and general dog knowledge will become less frequent due to all of this. To me it is the equivalent of spam. How many people read this stuff AND ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!?

    I bet I have read 25 posts just like this and it does not inspire me to DO anything. I would like to know what tangible good these posts do? Can someone tell me one thing anyone has actually done after reading one these "informative" posts to change the outcome of what these posts predict is going to happen?

    Do not get me wrong, I am not saying I agree nor disagree w/ the content. All I am saying is there are 1000's of internet forums about politics, many of them for politics and the outdoors, use one them. That is all I am saying, so save the speeches about how I am not a true sport'smen or whatnot.

    God I hope this means you will be here less. WTF do you want exactly? It is OK for you to post your stuff but anyone you disagree with you throw a fit about. IT IS SIMPLE JUST READ WHAT YOU WANT AND DON"T OPEN THE REST!

    Thanks for the infor Kevin
    Views and opinions expressed herein by Badbullgator do not necessarily represent the policies or position of RTF. RTF and all of it's subsidiaries can not be held liable for the off centered humor and politically incorrect comments of the author.
    Corey Burke

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    I don't even click on the POTUS forum.

    I don't hunt, but I once did, don't want to see it out lawed.

    Not too worried about the coyotes becoming extinct from wildlife management. Think Cockroaches.

    I am concerned about the warped, however well intentioned, minds of some of the AR folks,
    they are a very noisy, constant chattering group whose numbers are few, but always running their mouth. Unfortunately, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. In other words we need to be more active in letter writting and issuing press releases espousing our thoughts.

    Yes, I know that the major theme for the hunting related hunting games has been to keep quiet about it and avoid as much publicity as possible in order to keep a "low profile", under the radar, etc. But when the loud mouths have the attention of appointed officals that can "do us in", then we should pay heed and speak up, or else we will be relegated to "acceptable" retriever activities, like "Big Air", "Frisbee games", Dancing dogs, obedience, and such.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the long range goal of HSUS is to prohibit hunting and the commercial production of meat animals in the United States. To achive this goal they will use any tactic they can.

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    List reads like as Who's Who of Anti most anything i do or like--HSUS is by far the most insideous Org since Walt Disney Inc was started.
    Last edited by SeniorCoot; 01-17-2009 at 10:42 AM.

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    This belongs over at POTUS. No dog training pertinent info here. Throw it over to potus where they thrive on red meat

    I don't want to feed an ugly dog!

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    I've moved it, after allowing it to sit on RTF for a decent amount of time.

    I've learned a lesson on this, as there's no way, as long as we have a "political subforum" to make a black and white ruling on when a political topic belongs on RTF and when it belongs on the political forum.

    For those who wonder why GDG is permissible on RTF, yet the non-retriever-related political stuff is on its own separate forum: Here's the difference. Political debate on RTF has shown to create a hateful atmosphere with some pretty meann-spirited communication in a good portion of the threads. I don't like to wade through it and neither do many of us.

    Yeah, you can say "if you don't like it, don't click it"....but there comes a breaking point, based upon the rate at which new topics are posted per day or per hour. When the main RTF forum gets multiple political posts in a day, it runs many of the non-political topics off the main page, making it more challenging for those not interested in political stuff, to find the new topics.

    Guys and gals, I'm in a no-win here. Can't make everybody happy.

    Please be mindful of the following: Disagree, but do so with respect. Treat others as you, yourself would like to be treated. No profanity, pornography, defamation or other items.

    If the political topic post rate declines, we'll possibly kill the POTUS subforum. It doesn't look like that is coming anytime soon!

    Have fun all. Be good. Use RTF as if it were your own, but remember that you share it with others...so please keep it clean.

    "A smile relieves a heart that grieves"

    - Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

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    Chris said when it is news and not opinion, and when a link is provided, it is okay to post here.
    Kevin Walker

    Is this in fact the standard? Seems pretty reasonable to me. If it's news and not op/ed what is the problem with putting it on RTF. I read about all kinds of news there... Plane crashes / State DOT's going green / poisonous dog food being recalled. Interesting and informative stuff. Why if it is news involving the government does it have to be moved? Where do you draw the line? There never seems to be a problem until the word "Obama" is in the title or the thread has something to do with gun control. If all threads having to do with government need to be on POTUS Place we better move the thread about the State DOT going green. News items have earned their place on the RTF. Read the title, if you don't like it don't open it and move on. Ignore the people and the threads you don't like. What's the hard part?


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    I am not complaining about something I don't agree w/. Where in any of this did I say I don't agree w/ Kevin. ALL I AM SAYING IS THERE IS A PLACE FOR THIS STUFF. I don't care what the topic or point is, I just think things should go where they belong. That is all. No need to get so hateful or mad about it, what is wrong w/ wanting stuff to be posted where it goes? If it was in the correct forum he, you, or anyone else can anything they like, and I don't have to like it. I don't know where any of you came up w/ the fact that I don't agree so I don't want it here. I have never said that. All I said was that I thought it should go where it is intended. What problem do you see w/ putting these things under the correct heading?
    Blake E. Gober
    Ringgold, Ga
    North Georgia HRC
    HR Hudson B. Gober JH

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